Abstract of Joseph Etherington´s Will

Date Written: 3 Feb 1764
Date Proved: 3 May 1764
Reference: PROB11/898, London, May, quire 172, p. 156.
Location: Grace Church Street, London
Occupation: Apothecary
Wife: Elizabeth
Bequests to:
   daughter Sarah, £220
   son Thomas, £220
   wife Elizabeth, residue of estate
Executors: trusty friends Joseph Gates and William Bartlett
Witnesses: M. Butcher, Heny. Gates

Abstract of Thomas Etherington´s Will

Date Written: 12 Apr 1790
Date Proved: 19 Jan 1792
Reference: PROB11/1213, Surrey, Jan, quire 15, p. 119-120.
Location: Vauxhall, St. Mary Lambeth parish, Surrey
Occupation: Gentleman
Wife: Martha Ellis Etherington
Bequests to:
   Rev. Hugh Cox, Minor Canon of St. Pauls, £20
   W. Brooksbank, £10
Executors: wife Martha Ellis Etherington
Witnesses: James Dalton, Springall Jones, Weldon Champneys, L. Wilthew, Israel Gore, John Weldon Champneys Junior.

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