Table of Contents

A Hopkins Family History

Table of Contents

My Paternal Ancestors
William Hopkins (1634-1705) of
Southwark, Surrey, England and his descendants.
My Maternal Ancestors
The Brüegge, Feldhaus, Taphorn, and Wolf families in Ohio.
The Present Generations
Myself and my family.
Boone Families
Data and documents relating to the Boones.
English, Hopkins-related, and other records I've collected.
Wills, estates, letters, and other original documents I've transcribed.
Quaker Records
Documents and data from Quaker meeting records.
Sources I've used.


My Paternal Ancestors

1600sFamily Beginnings in England
William and Katherine Hopkins lived in Southwark, St. George's Parish, Surrey and raised their family there. William was a gardener and member of the Vintner's Guild and a Quaker. His son Benjamin, also a gardener, Vintner, and Quaker, married Sarah Haddon, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Clarke) Haddon.
1700sEmigration to West Jersey
Benjamin's son Ebenezer was sent to live with his aunt, Elizabeth Haddon, and her husband John Estaugh, in Haddonfield, West Jersey. There he married Sarah Lord, daughter of James and Elizabeth (Clarke) Lord. Ebenezer and Sarah had 7 children, founding a numerous family in New Jersey.
1800sMoving West to Ohio & Indiana
Hezekiah Haddon Hopkins, son of Haddon and grandson of Ebenezer Hopkins, moved his family from Philadelphia to Waynesville, Warren County, Ohio in 1820. From there, their children, including Richard, William Griffith, and Hezekiah Haddon Hopkins, Jr. moved to Pennville, Jay County, Indiana.
1900sNebraska, Kansas, Kentucky, Wyoming, and Oklahoma
Arthur Howard Hopkins, son of Barclay Brown Hopkins and grandson of William Griffith Hopkins, married Belle Boone Green in 1905 in Indiana, then moved to Nebraska. Oil field work took the family to several parts of the country after that.

Family Reports

My Hopkins Ancestors

William Hopkins (1634-1705) of Southwark
sp: Katherine ----

  1. William Hopkins
    sp: Sarah Belson
    1. William Hopkins
    2. Benjamin Hopkins
    3. Edward Hopkins
    4. Abraham Hopkins
    5. Sarah Hopkins
  2. John Hopkins
  3. Thomas Hopkins
  4. John Hopkins
  5. Abraham Hopkins
  6. Isaac Hopkins
  7. Sarah Hopkins
    sp: Thomas Fellows
  8. Rebecca Hopkins
  9. Mary Hopkins
  10. Joseph Hopkins
  11. Benjamin Hopkins
    sp: Sarah Haddon
    1. Elizabeth Hopkins
    2. Mary Hopkins
      sp: Edward Butcher
    3. Sarah Hopkins
      sp: ---- Simpson
    4. Unnamed
    5. Elizabeth Hopkins
      sp: Joseph Etherington
    6. Haddon Hopkins
    7. Haddon Hopkins
      sp: Judith Swainson, widow
      sp: Ann Arnold
      sp: Mary Hoare
    8. Benjamin Hopkins
    9. Ebenezer Hopkins of Haddonfield
      sp: Sarah Lord
      1. John Estaugh Hopkins
        sp: Sarah Mickle
        1. James Hopkins
          sp: Rebecca Clement
          1. Elizabeth Lord Hopkins
          2. Samuel Clement Hopkins
          3. Charles Hopkins
          4. Beulah Hopkins
          5. Rebecca Hopkins
          sp: Ann Hugg
        2. Hannah Hopkins
        3. Job Hopkins
        4. John Mickle Hopkins
        5. William Estaugh Hopkins
          sp: Ann Morgan
          1. Hannah W. Hopkins
            sp: Samuel M. Reeves
            1. Sarah H. Reeves
            2. Elizabeth M. Reeves
              sp: ? Banister
              1. Lydia Banister
              2. Rebecca Banister
              3. Agnes Banister
            3. Rebecca Reeves
            4. Ann H. Reeves
            5. Agnes M. Reeves
          2. Griffith Morgan Hopkins
            sp: Sarah Clement
            Note: see a transcription of their Bible.
            1. Mary Ann Hopkins
            2. William E. Hopkins
              sp: Elizabeth Mickle
            3. Sarah C. Hopkins
            4. John Clement Hopkins
              sp: Kezia M. Clement
              1. Horace Clement Hopkins
              2. John Clement Hopkins
                sp: Clara A. Burr
                1. Margaret Hopkins
                  sp: Edmund Winthrop Palmer
                  1. Madeline Palmer
                  2. Margaret Palmer
                  3. Edmund Winthrop Palmer
                2. John Irick Hopkins
                  sp: Hazel A. Kern
              3. Helen Hopkins
                sp: Charles F. A. Atkinson
                1. F. Witmer Atkinson
                2. Dorothy Atkinson
              4. Caroline Busby Hopkins
                sp. J. Heulings Coles
                1. Joseph H. Coles
                2. Mary Coles
                  sp: Norman Strandwitz
                  1. Norman Scott (Coles) Stranwitz
            5. Hannah Hopkins
            6. Griffith Morgan Hopkins
            7. Anna Hopkins
            8. Henry W. Hopkins
              sp: Anna Reeves
              sp: Ada Bertrand
            9. Amelia B. Hopkins
            10. Elizabeth Lord Hopkins
          3. Sarah Mickle Hopkins
            sp: John Gill
            1. John S. Gill
            2. Rebecca Morgan Gill
              sp: Samuel S. Willits
              1. John E. Willits
              2. Charles Willits
            3. Anna Smith Gill
            4. Charlotte H. Gill
            5. John Gill
              sp: Elizabeth Inskeep Tomlinson
              1. John Gill
              2. Ephraim Tomlinson Gill
            6. William Hopkins Gill
              sp: Phebe Ann Shreve
              1. Mary Rebecca Gill
                sp: Johns Hopkins
                1. Johns Hopkins
                  sp: Emilie Duval Williams
                2. William Gill Hopkins
                  sp: Christine Hare Stockton
                  sp: Agnes Daley
          4. Rebecca Morgan Hopkins
            sp: Samuel Nicholson
            1. William Hopkins Nicholson
              sp: Sarah Whitall
              1. John Whitall Nicholson
              2. Rebecca M. Nicholson
              3. Mary Ella Nicholson
              4. Margaret N. Nicholson
              5. William Hopkins Nicholson
            2. Mary Nicholson
            3. Ann Hopkins Nicholson
              sp: Charles Rhoads
              1. Samuel Nicholson Rhoads
                sp: Mary Allen Cawley
                1. Evan Rhoads
              2. Catharine E. Rhoads
              3. Elenor Rhoads
                sp: William T. Elkinton
              4. Anna M. Rhoads
            4. Rebecca Nicholson
            5. Sarah Nicholson
          5. Mary Ann Hopkins
            sp: Benjamin W. Blackwood
            1. Abigail E. Blackwood
            2. Joseph Olden Blackwood
            3. Anna Blackwood
            4. Rebecca H. Blackwood
            5. John Blackwood
            6. William H. Blackwood
          6. Elizabeth Lord Hopkins
          7. John Estaugh Hopkins
            see his register report (pdf format)
            sp: Antoinette Hicks
            1. Rebecca Morgan Hopkins
            2. George Hicks Hopkins
              sp: Amelia Matilda Glover
              1. George Glover Hopkins
                sp: Richie Jenkins
              2. Estaugh Hopkins
              3. Elisha Gerald Hopkins
                sp: Louisa Gibbs Cuthbert
                1. John Estaugh Hopkins
                  sp: Helen Member
                2. Francis Brognard Hopkins
                  sp: Ruth May Ginder
                3. Kendal Coles Hopkins
                  sp: Nancy Pemberton
                4. Anthony Cuthbert Hopkins
                  sp: Elise Woodward
                5. Thomas Smith Hopkins
                  sp: May Morris
              4. Joseph Hopkins
              5. John Haddon Hopkins
              6. Walter G. Hopkins
              7. Thomas Smith Hopkins
                sp: Louisa Clement
                1. Elizabeth Estaugh Hopkins
                  sp: David Lenhart
                2. Anna G. Hopkins
                3. Edward W. Hopkins
                  sp: Theda R. ?
                4. Thomas Hopkins
            3. Walter Graham Hopkins
              sp: Esther Shove Sharpless
              1. William Hacker Hopkins
              2. Esther Hacker Hopkins
                sp: Edward Howes Lycett
              3. Caroline Sharpless Hopkins
                sp: Lyman Bartlett
              4. Sarah H. Hopkins
              5. Arthur Haddon Hopkins
                sp: Martha Porter Carrington
            4. Antoinette Hicks Hopkins
              sp: Joseph Schofield Hopkins
              1. Helen R. Hopkins
              2. Marion Hicks Hopkins
            5. John Estaugh Hopkins
        6. Samuel Hopkins
        7. Sarah Hopkins
      2. Elizabeth Estaugh Hopkins
        sp: John Mickle
        1. Sarah Mickle
          sp: John Siddon Whitall
          1. Elizabeth Estaugh Whitall
          2. Ann Cooper Whitall
          3. Caroling Whitall
          4. Israel Franklin Whitall
          5. Hannah M. Whitall
          6. James Whitall
          7. John Mickle Whitall
            sp: Mary Tatum
            1. Sarah Whitall
              sp: William Hopkins Nicholson (see above)
          8. Sarah M. Whitall
          9. Caroline Whitall
          10. Elizabeth Whitall
        2. Hannah Mickle
          sp: Joseph Whitall
          1. David Whitall
          2. Joseph Whitall
          3. Benjamin Whitall
          4. Joshua Whitall
          5. Ebenezer Whitall
          6. Elizabeth Whitall
        3. Ann Mickle
          sp: John Blackwood
          1. John M. Blackwood
          2. Samuel Blackwood
            sp: Rachel Young
            1. Ann M. Blackwood
            2. Elizabeth Blackwood
          3. Elizabeth M. Blackwood
            sp: Samuel Cresson
            1. Samuel Emlen Cresson
            2. John Blackwood Cresson
              sp: Amanda Webb
              1. Samuel Webb Cresson
              2. Samuel Emlen Cresson
              3. Charles Clement Cresson
                sp: Adelia Van Derlip
              4. Mary Cresson
              5. Elizabeth Cresson
              6. Anne Maria Cresson
              7. Sarah Emlen Cresson
              8. Amanda Webb Cresson
                sp: Joseph S. Kite
              9. John B. Cresson
            3. Mary Ann Cresson
            4. Sarah Emlen Cresson
            5. Elizabeth Mickle Cresson
            6. Joshua Cresson
              sp: Catharine Wilfong
              1. Mary Emlen Cresson
                sp: John Snyder
              2. Franklin Emlen Cresson
          4. Sarah Blackwood
          5. Benjamin W. Blackwood
            sp: Mary Ann Hopkins (see above)
          6. Ann Blackwood
            sp: Benjamin Whitall Mickle
            1. Joseph Mickle
            2. Isaac Whitall Mickle
            3. Caroline Mickle
            4. John B. Mickle
            5. Abigail Mickle
            6. Joseph Mickle
            7. Benjamin Mickle
      3. Haddon Hopkins
        sp: Hannah Stokes
        1. Hezekiah Haddon Hopkins
          sp: Martha Griffith
          1. Elizabeth Estaugh Hopkins
            sp:Thomas T. Loomis
          2. Haddon Hopkins
          3. Mary Hopkins
          4. John Griffith Hopkins
          5. Joseph Hopkins
            sp: Mary Ward Crispin
            1. Jonathan C. Hopkins
              Sp: Henrietta J. Crispin
              1. Walter J. Hopkins
              2. Howard J. Hopkins
                sp. Mary A.
                1. Eva Hopkins
                2. Carl Hopkins
                3. Kenneth Hopkins
                4. Dale Hopkins
          6. Mary Ann Hopkins
            sp: Joseph Shepherd
            sp: Isaac D. Beall
          7. Charles Hopkins
          8. Richard Hopkins
            sp: Hannah Wharton
            1. James W. Hopkins
            2. Martha Hopkins
            3. Joseph Hopkins
            4. Mary Hopkins
            5. Emily Hopkins
            6. Ann Hopkins
            7. Horace L. Hopkins
            sp: Martha Hillis
            1. Morris Lancaster Hopkins
            2. Lukens Griffith Hopkins
          1. Hannah Stokes Hopkins
            sp: Benjamin Bacon
          2. William Griffith Hopkins
            sp: Nancy Cavender
            1. Benjamin Cavender Hopkins
              sp: Rebecca Griest
            2. Barclay Brown Hopkins
              sp: Mary Ann Dailey
              1. Edward Alva Hopkins
                sp: Malinda
              2. Minerva Alice Hopkins
                sp: James Estep Wilson Stephens
              3. Joseph William Hopkins
                sp: Hadassah McMorris
              4. Arthur Howard Hopkins
                sp: Belle Boone Green
                1. Charles Howard Hopkins
                  sp: Thelma Cecilia Wolf
                  sp: Lucille Williams
              5. Samuel Luther Hopkins
                sp: Stella Jane Perfect
                1. Wilmer Everett Hopkins
                  sp: Lorraine A. Dehler
                2. Theodore Edward Hopkins
                  sp1: Amy Williams
                  sp2: Nora Hamdon
                3. Viola Myrtle Hopkins
                  sp: Jesse Singleton Gowin
                4. Mary Ellen Hopkins
                  sp: Ray Dale Waldrop
                5. Hester Alice Hopkins
                  sp: Charles Barnes Tewalt
                6. Grace Winifred Hopkins
                  sp: Elmer Thrall
                7. Amy Marie Hopkins
                  sp: Raymond Wade Hanes
              6. Mary Emma Hopkins
                sp: Orville T. Gossett
              7. James Dailey Hopkins
              8. Charles Logan Hopkins
                sp: Ethel Ulrey
              sp: Ann Edmundson
              1. Mary Ann Hopkins
                sp: Gomer Williams
              sp: Caroline Smith
              1. Walter Griffith Hopkins
                sp: Edna D. Kilmer
              2. Emma Caroline Hopkins
                sp: John Davis Jones
          3. Caleb Pusey Hopkins
          4. Beulah Parker Hopkins
            sp: Daniel Barcus
          5. Hezekiah Haddon Hopkins, Jr.
            sp: Elizabeth P. Dawson
      4. Ebenezer Hopkins Jr.
        sp: Ann Albertson
        1. Isaac Hopkins
          sp: Mary Ackley
          1. Marmaduke Burr Hopkins
            sp: Sarah Rogers
            1. William Exeter Hopkins
            2. Amanda Hopkins
            3. Charles Pitman Hopkins
            4. Mary Hopkins
            5. Anna I. Hopkins
          2. Elizabeth Hopkins
          3. Ann Hopkins
        2. Sarah Hopkins
          sp: John Jennings
        3. Ebenezer Hopkins III
        4. Josiah Hopkins
        5. Benjamin Hopkins
          sp: Rebecca Ward
        6. Ann Hopkins
          sp: Mark Brown
        7. Elizabeth Hopkins
          sp: Samuel Jennings
          sp: James Jennings
        8. Samuel Hopkins
          sp: Mary Cox
        9. Mary Hopkins
      5. Sarah Hopkins
        sp: Caleb Cresson
        1. Mary Cresson
      6. Mary Hopkins
        sp: Joshua Cresson
        1. Sarah Cresson
        2. James Cresson
        3. Ebenezer Cresson
        4. Samuel Cresson
        5. Joshua Cresson
          sp: Hannah Raper
        6. John Armitt Cresson
        7. George Cresson
        8. Samuel Cresson
          sp: Elizabeth M. Blackwood (see above)
      7. Ann Hopkins
        sp: Marmaduke Burr
  12. Hannah Hopkins
  13. Benjamin Hopkins
  14. John Hopkins
  15. Hannah Hopkins

Related Families

1700s-1900sThe Griffith Family
Walter Griffith and Martha Cox and their descendants.
1730-1949Helvie and Mock Families
These families were ancestors of Margaret J. Mock, wife of James Thomas Boone. They came to Ohio from Pennsylvania in the early 1800s and settled in Clark County.
1860-1977A Boone Family
James Thomas Boone and Margaret J. Mock married in Muncie, Indiana and had 5 children, including my Grandmother, Belle Boone Green Hopkins.

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My Maternal Ancestors

1800s - Present The Wolf and Taphorn Families The Fritz and Brossart Families
My German ancestors came to this country in the 1800s, settling in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most of the family stayed in that area or moved to Florida when they retired.

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The Present


A little bit about my background,
and some family photos.

My Wife

My wife and her ancestry.

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Boone Families

My Boone Family Isaiah Boone Family of Kentucky
Isaiah Boone Family of Maryland George Boone's Condemnation
William Boone Family of Boonsboro, Maryland The Boone Family Association
Samuel Boone, Jr. of Frederick County, Maryland The Boone Scout
Boones in Frederick County The Boone Society
Boones in Western Maryland

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Northamptonshire Connections

Northamptonshire Parish Records
Hargrave, Northamptonshire Parish Records
Harpole, Northamptonshire Parish Records
Northamptonshire, England Quarterly Meeting Records
Northamptonshire Personal Name Index

English Records

English Marriages from Boyd's Index
St. Georges Parish, Southwark Marriages
St. Olave Parish, Southwark Marriages
St. Thomas, Southwark Marriages
Christ Church, Southwark Baptisms
English Wills
Hopkins Connections to East London and Essex
Excerpts from Marriage Allegations Index,
Province of Canterbury, Jul 1660-Jun 1694

Hopkins Records

Hopkins Birth Records
Hopkins Marriage Records
Hopkins Death Records
Unidentified Hopkinses in the London Area
Maryland Hopkinses

Other Data

Ann Edmundson's Ancestors
Mark Twain's Ancestry
1930 Census Data
Pawhuska, Oklahoma

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William Hopkins' 1699 Letter
William Hopkins' Will
William Hopkins the Younger's Marriage Certificate
William and Benjamin Hopkins' Vintners Certificates
Benjamin Hopkins' Will
Haddon Hopkins' Will
Edward and Mary Hopkins Butcher's Wills
Joseph and Thomas Etherington's Wills
John Haddon's Will
Haddon Family Letters
William Edmundson's Journal

New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Hopkins-Lord Marriage
Hopkins Family Houses
Isaac Griffith's Will
Joshua Potts' Will
John Griffith's Estate
Gill Family Genealogy
The Griffith Morgan Hopkins Bible
Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh
Abstract of Hannah Hopkins' 1837 Will

Ohio and Indiana

Joseph Hopkins' Estate
Richard Hopkins' Will
William Griffith Hopkins' Will
Hezekiah Haddon Hopkins, Jr.'s Will
Thomas Edmundson's Will
Samuel Grisell's Will
Joseph Grisell's Will
Ann Edmundson's Letter
Barclay Hopkins Family Births
Arthur Howard Hopkins' Letter

Kansas, Kentucky, Wyoming & Texas

Oil Field Wages and Living Conditions

Other Documents

Howard Hopkins' Centennial
Howard Hopkins' Reminiscences
Howard Hopkins' Paintings
A Joseph Boone/William Boone Document
A Short Glossary of Legal Terms
Silhouettes of Some Ancestors
Signatures of Some Family Members
My Ancestry Report (pdf format)

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Quaker Records


Buckinghamshire Quaker Records
London & Middlesex Quarterly Meeting Records
Haddonfield, NJ, Monthly Meeting Marriages
Quaker Meeting House Pictures
Southwark Monthly Meeting Records
William Edmundson's Journal
Quaker Beliefs and Practices
George Boone's Condemnation


Isaiah Boone of Maryland
William Boone of Boonsboro, Maryland
Jay County, Indiana Cemetery Inscriptions
Jay County Quaker Veterans
Northamptonshire, England Quarterly Meeting Records
London-Area Quaker Meeting Data
The Sufferings of the People Called Quakers
Emigrant Arrivals in West Jersey
Haddonfield, NJ, Monthly Meeting Births and Burials
Haddonfield, NJ, Monthly Meeting Hopkins References

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Some of the Sources I've Used The Importance of Original Documents

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