A Hopkins Family History

What's New in This Revision

(January 5th, 2020)

A few months ago, someone let me know that there were a lot of broken links in this site. Thank you for letting me know! I hadn't done much updating for a while, and was shocked at how many bad links there were. Most of them were due to changes in external sites I'd referred to.

I've done a scan of the site, and corrected all the links I found. I'll do a scan periodically for new problems, but please let me know if you find anything wrong. I want this site to be accurate.

If you'd like to contact me about any of the information in these pages, please e-mail me by clicking on this link.

These are the topics I've added or updated significantly in the most recent revisions, or which are of particular interest to our family history.

Please look in the Table of Contents page for other topics.

Griffith Family
  • New and updated information about the Griffith family, related by marriage to my Hopkins family.
William Hopkins
  • New information about William Hopkins (born 1634) and his connections to Staffordshire.
Vintners Company Records
  • New information about the Hopkins family and others, and their connections to this Guild.
  • New information about the Hopkins, Haddon, and Hunte families.
Thomas and Sarah Hopkins Fellows
  • Thomas Fellows' will, and updated information about their family.
Lord Families
  • Some new information about the Lord families of Gloucester and Burlington Counties, New Jersey.
  • Obituaries of Kendal Coles Hopkins, his wife Nancy Pemberton Hopkins, and their son Anthony Pemberton Hopkins.
My Maternal Ancestors
  • New information about the Taphorn and Wolf families of Cincinnati, Ohio.
Howard Hopkins' Centennial
  • In recognition and celebration of his birth in 1907.
Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh
  • Information about Elizabeth and Haddonfield.
Haddonfield Hopkinses
  • References to the Hopkinses in the meeting records.
Howard Hopkins' Paintings
  • A tribute to my Father.
Howard Hopkins' Reminiscences
  • The early life of Howard Hopkins.
William Hopkins' Will
  • A transcription of his 1705 will.
John Haddon's Will
  • A transcription of his 1723 will.
Benjamin Hopkins of Southwark
  • New information about Benjamin's children.
Benjamin Hopkins' Will
  • A transcription of his 1728 will.
Haddon Family Letters
  • Thirteen letters from John & Elizabeth Haddon and Sarah Hopkins to John & Elizabeth Estaugh.

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