About Myself

My name is Arthur Hopkins. I enjoy doing research, and can happily spent hours in the library or Family History Center (that was before COVID), or using online databases. I'm particularly interested in finding the ancestors of William Hopkins, my earliest Hopkins ancestor so far, and in discovering the ancestors of my Great-Grandfather, James Thomas Boone.

I was lucky to have Quaker ancestors in my main lines. The Quakers were good record keepers, and understood the importance of genealogy. Much of my information comes from their meeting records. Please see the Table of Contents for the Quaker records and documents I've transcribed. There is some circumstantial evidence that my Hopkins ancestors may have migrated to London from Northamptonshire or farther North or West. Please see the pages on Northamptonshire and Southwark Quaker records.

I've also done some work on my wife's ancestry, which is Filipino and Mexican.

I've been interested in waymarking as an aid to genealogy. I see at least two ways it can be useful.

Here's a link to the page of waymarks I've done so far.

Another of the sources I've found very helpful is Find a Grave. A lot of people have submitted a lot of information about burials, not only in the U.S. but also abroad. I"ve contributed some myself. I've been very interested in some of the old cemeteries around my area, including some in the old mining towns. One of these is a cemetery in Wilkeson, where people who emigrated from many countries to work in the coal mines are buried.

I've made a number of documents and data files available for downloading. They cover the members of my family and those related to us by marriage. Please refer to the Table of Contents page for a list of what's available.

I spent some time in New Mexico, and took photos of the petroglyphs there and in Utah. Here is a link to the page describing that time.

I've been lucky enough to receive some valuable contacts from people who've found my pages. I appreciate feedback, and would be happy to share information with other researchers of these families. If you'd like to contact me, please click on this link.

This file was last updated on 1/3/2022.

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