History of Frederick County, Maryland

The following is an extract of the references to the Boon/Boone/Bohn surnames from:

The History of Frederick County
T. J. C. Williams and Folger McKinsey
Frederick, MD: L. R. Titsworth & Co, 1910
p 167	Robert Boone, Private in Capt. John Brengle's Company in 1814.

p 169	Robert Boone, member of a committee of War of 1812 veterans in

p 552	Robert Boone, an incorporator of the Mutual Insurance Company of
	Frederick County in 1843.

p 565	Dr. Jerningham Boone, phyician in Frederick County in 1845.

p 566	Dr. Jerningham Boone, surgeon in the Union Army.

p 582	Dr. H. Jerningham Boone, member of the Frederick County Medical 
	Society, 1898, deceased by 1910.

p 586	H. Jerningham Boone. Born in Frederick County, Md., January 16, 
	1821. Surgeon 1st P. H. B. and 13th Regiment Infantry, U. S. A. 
	in war between the States, 1861-65. Practiced in Frederick and 
	Buckeystown. Died at Point of Rocks, February 20th, 1908.

p 603	Robert Boons, a Judge of the Orphans' Court, 1835-39.

p 604	Benedict Boone, member of the Levy Court, 1840.

p 625	Nicholas Boone, First Census in 1790.

p 629	Jacob Boone, First Census in 1790.

p 634	Abraham Boon, First Census in 1790.

p 645	Charles Boon, First Census in 1790.

p 659	Boone's pond, near Broad Run.

p 940	Margaret Boone, married John Dorsey, son of Caleb and Elinore 
	(Warfield), 1700s.

p 1168	Harvey Boon, of Woodsboro District, married Elsie L. Zimmerman, 
	late 1800s.

p 1230	Harry William Boone (Bohn), son of Henry Boone, tenant on the 
	Solomon Longenacker farm, between Johnsville and Clemsonville.

p 1230	Henry Boone (Bohn), son of Emanuel Bohn, b. January 12, 1835, 
	d. September 14, 1902. Married (1) Mary Grimes, (2) Louisa

p 1230	Emanuel Bohn (Boone), married Elizabeth Smith, sister of Christian

p 1239	Marshall D. Boone, farmer near Frederick City, son of Dennis
	Boone. Born April 23, 1858 near Dayville.

p 1239	Dennis Boone, b. 1822 in Frederick County, d. 1882, married Sophia
	Waltz, b. 1822, d. 1872, daughter of Isaac Waltz.

p 1239	H. Hanson Boone, son of Dennis Boone, married ---- Welker.

p 1377	James Boone, of Hagerstown, married Ursula Blanche Grossnickle, 
	daughter of Caleb, late 1800s.

Other Bohn References:

p 647	Otto Bohn, First Census in 1790.

p 1053	John H. Bohn, farmer of Woodville District, son of Jacob and 
	Sidney (Ecker) Bohn, b. January 8, 1865, married Susie R.
	Alexander in 1888.

p 1053	Jacob Bohn, son of Michael Bohn, born in Frederick County.
	Children: Derward, Ora, John H., James, Harvey, and Ernest.

p 1053	Michael Bohn, born in Frederick County, married Annie Saylor. Died
	in Frederick City. Children: Michael, Daniel, John, Hamilton,
	Thomas, Saylor, Solomon, Annie, Ida, and Lavinia.

p 1070	Michael Bohn, married Ann Saylor, daughter of Solomon Saylor.

p 1181	Richard Simpson Bohn, Johnsville District, b. August 25, 1851, son
	of Emanuel and Mary Magdelena (Smith) Bohn.

p 1181	Emanuel Bohn, son of Nicholas and ---- (Ressler) Bohn, b. May 16, 
	1811 in Johnsville District, d. July 15, 1882 near Union Bridge 
	in Frederick County, married Elizabeth Smith b. September 4, 1808, 
	d. November 7, 1890. Children: Lydia Ann, Henry, Nicholas,
	Emanuel, Reuben, Elizabeth, William M., Wesley, Richard Simpson,
	and Alice Joanna.

p 1181	Nicholas Bohn, died in Johnsville District, Frederick County. 
	Married ---- Ressler, who died in Johnsville District.

p 1214	Maggie Bohn, married Francis Fogle, late 1800s.

p 1495	Carrie Bohn, married Edward Thomas Devilbiss, late 1800s.

p 1500	Margaret Bohn, married Thomas M. Belleson, mid-1800s.

p 1501	E. Frank Bohn, married Mary Alice Virginia Strawsburg, late 1800s.

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