Haddon Family Data

From Northamptonshire Parish Records

Sources: FHL 6126893-4 Bugbrooke, 6127456-6 Farthingstone & 6127637-9, 6127653 Hardingstone


Surname Name Date Father Mother Parish
Heydon Raph? 04-Oct-1601 John Heydon Hardingstone
Haddon Alce 24-Jan-1619 Roger Haddon Dorothy Hardingstone
Haddon Alice 21-May-1669 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Edmond 13-Dec-1654 Mathew Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Edward 10-Sep-1620 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Hadling Elizabeth 25-Aug-1585 John Hadling Elizabeth Bugbrooke
Haddon Elizabeth 01-May-1617 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Elizabeth 25-Apr-1644 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Elizabeth 18-Jun-1674 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Hadden ffrances 22-Jan-1626 John Hadden Hardingstone
Haddon ffrances 12-Aug-1632 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon James 04-Jun-1596 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Hatton John 20-Oct-1579 Hardingstone
Haddon John 03-Nov-1621 John Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon John 11-Jan-1625 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haden John 27-Apr-1634 Roger Haden Hardingstone
Haddon John 24-Jul-1642 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon John 13-Dec-1653 Mathew Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Martha 02-Mar-1622 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Martha 10-Mar-1677 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Matthew 21-Dec-1623 John Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Richard 17-Nov-1622 John Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Robert 11-Feb-1620 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Robert 11-Feb-1621 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Roger 19-May-1628 John Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Tho: 24-Sep-1671 Tho: Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Thomas 09-Aug-1619 John Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Thomas 11-Jan-1625 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Thomas 12-Jun-1626 Roger Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Thomas 26-Feb-1646 Thomas Haddon Hardingstone
Haddon Willm. 05-Feb-1633 John Haddon Hardingstone


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date Parish
Smith Cutbert Haddon Agnis 07-Nov-1579 Bugbrooke
Hopkins Simon Haddon Anne 24-Nov-1605 Hardingstone
Haddon William Roose Elenor 25-May-1606 Hardingstone
Haddon John Hunte Elizabeth 10-Nov-1618 Hardingstone
Hadline Thomas Newman Alice 12-Jun-1620 Bugbrooke
Bauz? John Haddon Margery 20-Jul-1637 Hardingstone
Haddon Thomas Orpn Susanna 30-Mar-1689 Hardingstone


Surname Name Date Parish Comments
Haddon Susanna 07-Jul-1604 Hardingstone
Haddon Semenne? 09-Jul-1604 Hardingstone wife of Willm. Haddon
Hadon John 06-Apr-1607 Hardingstone
Hatton Thomas 20-Oct-1607 Hardingstone
Hadon --- 24-Apr-1608 Hardingstone wife of John Hadon
Haddon Elizabeth 25-Apr-1619 Hardingstone daughter of Willm. Haddon
Haddon Elizabeth 18-Apr-1621 Hardingstone daughter of Roger Haddon
Haddon Thomas 16-Jan-1625 Hardingstone son of Roger Haddon
Haddon Elizabeth 17-Mar-1631 Hardingstone daughter of John
Haddon Frances 13-Aug-1632 Hardingstone daughter of Roger Haddon
Hadon Margret 15-Apr-1634 Hardingstone
Hadon John 22-Apr-1634 Hardingstone
Hadon Rodger 06-Mar-1635 Hardingstone
Haddon Martha 11-Mar-1677 Hardingstone
Haddon Mathew 25-Apr-1704 Hardingstone a Quaker buried at Northaton

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