Abstract of Haddon Hopkins´ Will

Date Written: 14 Sep 1757
Date Proved: 23 Nov 1757
Reference: PROB11/833, Surrey, Herring, quire 329, p. 383-385.
Location: Saint Saviour parish, Southwark, Surrey
Occupation: Victualler
Mother: Sarah Hopkins
Wife: Mary
Bequests to:
   mother, Sarah Hopkins, 5 rental houses
   son, Benjamin Hopkins, 2 rental houses plus £200
   daughter, Ann Hopkins, 1 rental house plus £200
   sister, Sarah Simpson, £50
   nephews, Joseph and Thomas Etherington (sons of Joseph and Elizabeth), £150
   niece: Sarah Etherington, £150
   wife, Mary Hopkins, £200 and residue of estate
Executors: wife, Mary Hopkins and friend John Blythe
Witnesses: Wm. Hippinsley, Joshua Potts, Robt. Townson

Note: Haddon owned or leased several properties at the time of his death.

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