Haddon Family Letters

Example of John & Elizabeth
Haddon Letter

The following pages contain transcriptions of thirteen letters from John and Elizabeth Haddon and from Sarah Haddon Hopkins to John and Elizabeth Estaugh at Haddonfield. Some were transcribed from copies of the originals that are part of the Haddon-Estaugh-Hopkins collection at Haverford Library. Others came from the book Contributions to the Biography of Elizabeth Estaugh by Rebecca Nicholson Taylor, 1894, pp. 18-27. Iíve indicated below which letters came from that source.

These letters give a vivid impression of the personalities of the Haddons, and of the type of interactions that occurred among them. There is a formality about these letters, but also a great warmth and affection. They are letters about business and family matters intermingled.

Example of
Sarah Hopkins Letter

Iíve transcribed the letters I got from from Haverford and the Haddonfield Historical Society as they were written, without changing the spelling or punctuation. During copying, an inch or so on the left side of two of Sarah Hopkins' letters were darkened and partially unreadable. When I wasn't able to make out words, I marked the omission thus: [???]

I feel fortunate to have these letters, and want to express my thanks to the librarians at Haverford, and to the librarian of the Haddonfield Historical Society, for their help in obtaining them.

John & Elizabeth Haddon Letters ~ Sarah Haddon Hopkins Letters

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