Family Connections in Northamptonshire

Parish Records from Hargrave, Northamptonshire

FHL #6127662 1572-1683 and #6127663 1683-1756

In a 1724 letter to her sister Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh, Sarah Haddon Hopkins (wife of Benjamin Hopkins) mentioned having recently sent a letter to her from Hargrave, which apparently never arrived in West New Jersey. That made me wonder what occasion or connection caused Sarah to be in Hargrave. I thought it might possibly be because the Hopkins family originated in Hargrave. So I ordered the above films of parish records to see what names I would find there.

The results were disappointing in regard to any Hopkins connections. I looked for a Hopkins name in that general time period, but found only two (see below). I did find a few Gill and Haddon names, including a burial record for an Elizabeth Haden on 2-Apr-1724. It might have been for this occasion that Sarah journeyed to Hargrave. This leads me to suspect that this was a Haddon family location, not a Hopkins one.

As an aside, I might say that the Haddon family seems to have had a very strong sense of their identity as a family, and to have preserved and cultivated the connections among their family members and among the families they descended from. My sense is that Sarah and Elizabeth were always Haddons, despite having married into other families.

I also looked in the 1634 time frame for a William Hopkins birth, but found nothing. Most of the records were unreadable, and there were no Hopkinses in the parts that could be read. This was apparently not the birth place of William Hopkins.

Here are the few records I was able to find in the Hargrave parish registers for this time period. The film of the registers was impossible to read in many places, and was difficult in most others. Also, the surnames had been circled and x-ed over at some time before the registers were filmed, so it was even more difficult to read them.

All of these records came from the 1683-1756 register.


Surname Name Date Father Mother
Gill Richard 07-May-1721 Richard Gill Ann
Haden Mary 12-Apr-1691 Richard Haden Elizabeth
Haden Danial? 20-Jul-1701 Richard Haden Elizabeth
Haden Richard 16-Jun-1706 Richard Haden Eliza.
Hopkins John 27-Mar-1735 Not named* Mary Hopkins

* "Base-born child of Mary Hopkins privately Baptised"


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date
Marriot James Mason Anne ??-Dec-1751


Surname Name Date Comments
Gill Ann 09-Feb-1720 Daughter of Richard and Ann Gill
Gill Mary 07-Sep-1740 Daughter of Rich: & Ann Gill
Haden Elizabeth 02-Apr-1724 Buried in woolen

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