Helen Margaret Hopkins


Helen and Howard Hopkins

Helen Hopkins was the first child born to Arthur and Belle Hopkins. She was born on November 30, 1905 in Wells County, Indiana. Between her birth and the birth of Howard Hopkins, the family moved to Buffalo County, Nebraska, where Arthur had worked previously, and where he hoped to be able to save enough to buy a farm of his own. He took a job as a farm laborer, but Belle's kidney problems forced the family to move to Kearney so she could have better medical attention. Arthur began working as a teamster, doing whatever hauling he could with his wagon and team of horses.

Helen was a bright little girl, and liked by all the family and relatives. In the letters to her parents which have survived, she is always asked about or mentioned. It was a great blow to the family when she became ill. She died on August 6, 1913 at the age of seven. Belle never really got over her death. She often spoke of Helen in later years, but never without a sadness in her voice.

Helen was buried in Kearney, Nebraska.

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