Hopkins Family Data

From Northamptonshire Parish Records

Sources: FHL #6126893-4 Bugbrooke, #6127456-6 Farthingstone, and #6127637-9, #6127653 Hardingstone


Surname Name Date Father Mother Parish
Hopkins An 02-Feb-1617 William Farthingstone
Hopkins Anne 06-Jan-1604 Richard Hopkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkins Anne 14-Feb-1647 Thomas Hodgkins Hardingstone
Hodjkin Catherin 25-Dec-1684 Hardingstone
Hopkins Catherine 04-Mar-1632 John Hopkins Hardingstone
Hodgkin Edward 08-Apr-1677 John Hodgkins Hardingstone
Hodgkin Elizabeth 07-Oct-1569 William Hodgkin Bugbrooke
Hopkins Elizabeth 27-Nov-1607 Wm. Farthingstone
Hopkins Elizabeth 25-Aug-1740 WilliamElizabeth Hardingstone
Hodjkins Elizabeth 07-Jan-1694 Thomas Hodjkin Hardingstone
Hopkins Ellin 01-May-1614 William Farthingstone
Hodgkins Hew 26-Sep-1603 Hew Hodgkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Hugh 12-Aug-1567 William Hodgkin Bugbrooke
Hogkins James 21-Feb-1647 William Hogkins Hardingstone
Hodgkin Jane 08-Nov-1573 Bugbrooke
Hopkins Jane 25-Oct-1742 John Sarah Farthingstone
Hopkins Joan 21-Nov-1541 John Farthingstone
Hodgekin John 12-Jan-1571 William Hodgekin Bugbrooke
Hodgkin John 08-Oct-1595 Hughe Hodgkin Margaret Bugbrooke
Hopkins John 27-Apr-1628 John Hopkins Hardingstone
Hodgkin John 14-Oct-1671 John Hodgkin Hardingstone
Hodgekin John 16-Feb-1676 John Hodgekin Hardingstone
Hodgkin John 01-Dec-1680 John Hodgkin Hardingstone
Hopkins John 06-May-1725 John Jane Farthingstone
Hopkins John 28-Dec-1744 William Sarah Farthingstone
Hodgkins Jone 18-Oct-1601 Hugh Hodgkins Margaret Bugbrooke
Hopkins Joseph 04-May-1747 John Sarah Farthingstone
Hodgkin Margery 28-Aug-1597 Hughe Hodgkin Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Margrett 08-Jan-1558 William Hodgkin Bugbrooke
Hopkins Mary 07-Mar-1602 Richard Hopkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkins Mary 25-Sep-1608 Henry Hodgkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Mary 11-Feb-1683 Hardingstone
Hopkins Mary 19-Aug-1722 John Jane Farthingstone
Hawkins Nicholas 01-Sep-1604 Thomas Hawkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Richard 12-Mar-1600 Hugh Hodgkin Margaret Bugbrooke
Hopkins Richard 23-Mar-1610 William Farthingstone
Hodgkins Robart 13-Oct-1576 Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Robert 27-Nov-1593 Hughe Hodgkin Margaret Bugbrooke
Hopkins Samuel 23-Mar-1622 John Hopkins Hardingstone
Hodgkins Stephen 18-Apr-1607 Henry Hodgkins Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Susanna 12-Oct-1633 Thomas Hodgkin Hardingstone
Hodgkins Thomas Thomas Hodgkins Hardingstone
Hodgkin Thomas 31-Aug-1594 William Hodgkin Agnis Bugbrooke
Hopkins Thomas 7-Nov-1630 James Hopkins Jane Hardingstone
Hodgkin Thomas 20-Aug-1605 Hew Hodgkin Bugbrooke
Hobson William 29-Oct-1565 Richard Hobson Hardingstone
Hodgkin William 17-Apr-1578 Bugbrooke
Hopkins William 21-Aug-1582 Richd. Farthingstone
Hopkins William 26-Jun-1611 John Farthingstone
Hopkins William 01-Apr-1616 Robert Hopkins Bugbrooke
Hopkins William 13-Feb-1620 William Ana Farthingstone


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date Parish
Hodgekins Edward Upton Jone Bugbrooke
Hobson Richard Gibons Joan 10-Oct-1563 Hardingstone
Hodgekin Richard Puffyr? Alice 17-Oct-1563 Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Stephen Warren Agnis 17-Sep-1583 Bugbrooke
Johnes Robert Hoskins Grace 17-Feb-1584 Hardingstone
Hodgkin William L?ader Jane 15-Jan-1587 Bugbrooke
England Richard Hodgkin Alice 27-Nov-1589 Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Hugh Preston Margaret 25-Oct-1590 Bugbrooke
Hopkins Richard Knight Mary 04-Nov-1601 Bugbrooke
Hopkins Simon Haddon Anne 24-Nov-1605 Hardingstone
Hodgkins Heugh Symons Magret 07-Dec-1607 Bugbrooke
Hodgkin Robert Wall Joane 25-Sep-1608 Hardingstone
Hodgkins Heugh Adkins Mary 01-May-1609 Bugbrooke
Dunekly ? William Hodgkins Agnes 08-Oct-1611 Bugbrooke
Hopkins John Ease? Katherin 30-Nov-1622 Hardingstone
Hopkins John Bates Joan 04-Jan-1638 Hardingstone
Tany? Robert Hodgkins Anne 01-Nov-1638 Hardingstone
Barton Abraham Hopkins Anne 15-Apr-1640 Hardingstone
Hodjkin Thomas Stoakes Alice 13-Oct-1692 Hardingstone
Hopkins John Place? Joanne 13-Jul-1703 Bugbrooke
Clarke John Hodges Elizabeth 13-Oct-1716 Hardingstone


Surname Name Date Parish Comments
Hopkins Thomas? 07-Jan-1548 Farthingstone
Hopkins Thomas 28-Feb-1548 Farthingstone
Hopkins Margret 01-Mar-1548 Farthingstone
Hodgkins John 16-Apr-1557 Bugbrooke
Hodgekin Annis? 26-Mar-1558 Bugbrooke
Hobson Willm. 06-Jun-1567 Hardingstone son of Wilfarid? Hobson
Hobbes Elizabeth 28-Jul-1569 Hardingstone daughter of Richard Hobbes
Hodgekin Elizabeth 12-Oct-1569 Bugbrooke
Hopkins Agnis 22-Apr-1573 Hardingstone widow
Hobbes John 20-Sep-1586 Hardingstone occupation: laborer
Hobbes Richard 28-May-1587 Hardingstone of Cotten End, husbandman
Hodgkin Joan 20-Sep-1591 Bugbrooke Wife unto William Hodgkin
Hodgkin William 22-Mar-1599 Bugbrooke
Hodgkins Margret 18-May-1607 Bugbrooke Wife of Heugh Hodgkins
Hodgkins Margret 08-Oct-1608 Bugbrooke Wife of Heugh Hodgkins
Hopkins Richard 12-Jul-1610 Farthingstone Son of William Hopkins
Hobbes Alce 03-Oct-1611 Hardingstone widow
Hodgkins Mary 15-Jan-1618 Bugbrooke Wife of Hugh Hodgkins - husbandman
Hoskins Eleanore 04-Nov-1620 Hardingstone wife of James Hoskins
Hodgkins Heughe 29-Nov-1620 Bugbrooke Son of Heughe Hodgkins
Hopkins Ellen 12-Apr-1626 Farthingstone
Hopkins Katherine 21-Dec-1635 Hardingstone wife of John Hopkins
Hopkins John 12-Jan-1642 Hardingstone son of John Hopkins
Hopkins John 12-Jul-1649 Hardingstone
Hopkins Thomas 27-Mar-1717 Hardingstone
Hopkins William (senior) 07-Apr-1669 Farthingstone
Hopkins William 22-Feb-1675 Farthingstone
Hopkins William 27-Aug-1740 Hardingstone
Hawkins John 07-Apr-1725 Hardingstone
Hopkins Anne 10-Jul-1726 Farthingstone
Hopkins John 08-Jan-1750 Farthingstone

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