Isaiah Boone

of Montgomery County, Maryland

The following is a descendant report for Isaiah and Hannah (Pancoast) Boone of Montgomery County, Maryland and their family. This family began to interest me because of my research into the possible ancestors of my Great-Grandfather James Thomas Boone, which led me to Maryland and the Boone families who lived there in the late 1700s and early 1800s. Isaiah and his family lived in the verge of the Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting in Montgomery County, where their children married members of other prominent Quaker families, including the Brooke, Hopkins, Hughes, and Janney families.

I compiled this information from several sources, which are listed as footnotes to the rtf file mentioned below. Hinshaw's Quaker Meeting indexes were valuable for their data, as well as his commentary about the families. MacKenzie's compiled genealogies provided much information about the Hopkins families in Maryland. Peden's Maryland Quaker Records books contributed substantially. A fellow researcher sent me many pages of data from the Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin. The librarian of the Montgomery County Historical Society was most helpful. I was also lucky enough to receive significant data and assistance from people who responded to my queries on the Internet. My thanks to all who had a part in this compilation!

Descendants of Isaiah Boone and Hannah Pancoast

1 Isaiah Boone b. 1740 Exeter Twp, Berks Co, Pennsylvania d. 22-Oct-1813
  Montgomery County, Maryland 
  m. Abt 26-Oct-1765 Hannah Pancoast b. 26-Nov-1749 Burlington County, New
  Jersey d. 14-Jun-1808 
   2 Elizabeth Boone b. Abt 1766 d. Aft 20-Jan-1809 
     m. 26-Dec-1781 Montgomery County, Maryland  Benjamin Hughes 
      3 Hannah Hughes b. 23-Feb-1783 
      3 Edward Hughes b. 2-Jan-1786 
      3 Elizabeth Hughes b. 6-Aug-1788 
      3 Hesther Hughes b. 3-Jul-1791 
      3 Isaiah Boone Hughes b. 23-Jul-1796 
      3 John Hughes b. 30-Jan-1799 
      3 Caroline Hughes b. 13-Sep-1801 
      3 Mary Hughes b. 8-Jun-1804 
      3 James Williams Hughes b. 11-Oct-1807 
      3 Mordecai Boone Hughes b. 12-Jan-1810 
   2 Mary Boone b. 15-May-1769 d. 15-Sep-1816 
     m. 21-Mar-1787 Montgomery County, Maryland  Philip Hopkins 
     b. 24-Sep-1760 
      3 Hannah Hopkins b. 10-May-1788 d. 1-Nov-1819 
        m. 2-Jul-1807 Jacob Janney 
         4 Philip Hopkins Janney b. 20-Jun-1808 d. 7-Sep-1825 
         4 Lewis Janney b. 14-Apr-1810 
         4 Mary Janney b. 27-Jan-1812 
         4 Henry Janney b. 27-Apr-1814 d. 5-Nov-1895 
      3 Johns Hopkins b. 28-May-1790 
      3 Elizabeth Hopkins b. 3-Jun-1791 
      3 Isaiah Boone Hopkins b. 25-Jul-1793 
      3 Susannah Hopkins b. 2-Oct-1795 d. 2-Apr-1817 
      3 Ezekiel Hopkins b. 4-Dec-1797 
      3 Hesther Hopkins b. 4-Apr-1800 
      3 Mary Hopkins b. 10-Dec-1802 d. 14-Sep-1824 
      3 Ann Hopkins b. 10-May-1805 
      3 Rachel Hopkins b. 2-May-1808 
      3 Richard Hopkins b. 28-Jul-1810 
      3 Sarah Hopkins b. 20-Jul-1812 
   2 Mordecai Boone b. 15-Feb-1772 d. Aft 20-Jan-1809 
   2 Hester Boone b. 11-May-1774 d. Aft 20-Jan-1809 
     m. 21-Jun-1797 Montgomery County, Maryland  James Brooke b. 5-May-1766 
      3 Basil Brooke b. 19-Oct-1798 
      3 Isaiah Boone Brooke b. 30-Dec-1800 
      3 Basil Brooke II b. 5-Feb-1803 
   2 Susanna Boone b. 30-Apr-1779 d. 19-Jul-1823 
     m. 31-Oct-1804 Prince Georges County, Maryland  George Janney 
     b. 12-Jul-1778 d. 22-Dec-1862 
      3 Ruth Hannah Janney b. 1805 
        m. 23-Jun-1824 Loudoun County, Virginia  John Smith 
         4 Susanna Smith 
           m. 15-Feb-1866 Loudoun County, Virginia  Arnold Boone Davis 
         4 Sarah Ann Smith 
           m. Edward Brown 
            5 Albert S. Brown 
            5 Willie H. Brown 
            5 Charles D. Brown 
         4 Elizabeth Smith 
         4 Hettie Smith 
           m. John D. Smith 
         4 Edward J. Smith 
           m. Mary Hannah Brown 
         4 Mary P. Smith 
         4 Hannah Smith 
           m. David Birdsall 
      3 Jacob Janney b. 1807 
        m. Margaret McGriffith 
      3 Esther Boone Janney b. 1809 
        m. Abt 12-Jul-1832 M. C. Klein 
      3 Isaiah Boone Janney b. 31-Aug-1812 d. Aft 1860 
        m. 12-Sep-1836 Loudoun County, Virginia  Hannah S. Hirst 
        b. Abt 1814 Virginia 
         4 Edmund Janney b. Abt 1838 Illinois 
         4 Susannah Janney b. Abt 1843 Illinois 
         4 Hannah Janney b. Abt 1845 Illinois 
         4 Elma Janney b. Abt 1848 Illinois 
         4 Sarah Janney b. Abt 1850 Illinois 
      3 Susannah Boone Janney b. 1815 d. 1884 Arkansas 
        m. Abt 17-Oct-1839 Abram Young 
      3 George Janney b. 1818 d. Aft 1900 
        m. Caroline Thompson 
      3 Sarah Elizabeth Janney b. 1821 
        m. Joseph Neill Jolliffe 
   2 Arnold Boone b. 4-Jan-1782 d. 1-Jul-1857 Warren County, Ohio 
     m. 29-Sep-1808 Montgomery County, Maryland  Elizabeth Shoemaker 
     d. Bef  2-Sep-1815       
     m. 2-Sep-1815 Maryland  Hannah Spencer d. 29-Dec-1858 Warren County,
      3 Hannah Shoemaker Boone 
        m. 5-Dec-1827 Washington, D. C.  Isaac Holmes 
      3 Elizabeth Boone 
        m. 25-Feb-1835 Rodney Davis 
         4 Arnold Boone Davis 
           m. 15-Feb-1866 Loudoun County, Virginia  Susanna Smith 
         4 Henry F. Davis 
         4 Edward H. Davis 
         4 John M. Davis 
         4 Samuel B. Davis 
      3 Mary Spencer Boone 
      3 Isaiah Boone 
      3 Anna S. Boone 
        m. Abt 22-Sep-1847 Warren County, Ohio  Isaac Evans 
      3 Susanna Boone 
      3 Ellen Boone 
        m. 6-Mar-1850 Warren County, Ohio  Levi Cook 
      3 Samuel Spencer Boone b. 2-Jun-1823 
   2 Anne Boone b. 2-Jun-1786 d. Aft 15-Nov-1812 
     m. Abt 18-Dec-1811 Frederick County, Maryland  William Elgin 
   2 Hannah Boone b. 23-Nov-1788 d. ??-Dec-1788 Montgomery County, Maryland

Details for Isaiah Boone and Family Census Records 1790 Census Montgomery County, Maryland, Roll M637-3 Page 88, Line 53 Boone, Isaiah 5-2-5-2-0 1800 Census District 3, Montgomery County, Maryland, Roll M32-11 Page 147 Boone, Isaiah 1810 Census Montgomery County, Maryland Page 340 Boone, Arnold; Boone, Mordecai 1850 Census, Illinois, Clark County, York Precinct, 4-Oct-1850, p 244 Lns 14-20, Dwelling 1132, Family 1132 Isaiah Janney 37 m Farmer $1200 Virginia Hannah Janney 36 f Virginia Edmund Janney 12 m Illinois Susannah Janney 7 f Illinois Hannah Janney 3 f Illinois Elma? Janney 2 f Illinois Sarah Janney 3/12 f Illinois Deeds A:152 Isaiah Boone frees a slave C:341 Isaiah Boone, tanner to Ninian Willett planter, part of Boone's Good Luck, 87 1/2 acres, 60 pounds D:12 Boone's Good Luck, Rocky Spring from George Hope D:13 Boones Good Luck 2 1/2 ac. to William Collier D:58 I Will Not, Yet I Will and Scrub Hill from George Hope D:85 Lot #85 in Georgetown to James Smith D:91 As attorney for Jiptha Hollingsworth, lots in Georgetown to John Heugh D:228 To John and Eleanor Beall: "I Will Not, Yet I will" 118 ac. "Scrub Hill, 15 ac. 1789 E:63 To James Ray, confirmation of deed for "Mockey Spring, [sic] Boones Good Luck Again, and Stubb Hill. Confirmation deed, original deed defective as title vested with a minor Arnold Boone. from Montgomery County Deed References, Montgomery County Historical Society M:50-2 Isaiah Boone bought James Hard Travels on 1-Feb-1769 M:481-2 Isaiah Boone and wife Hannah sold lot #17 in Georgetown on 13-Sep-1769 from Frederick County, Maryland Deeds Liber M, pages 481-482 13 Sept 1769 Isaiah Boone and wife Hannah sold lot #17 in Georgetown Recorded September 6, 1769. Indenture dated 7 August 1769 between Isaiah Boone of Frederick Co., Province of Maryland, tanner, and John Weis of the same place. In consideration of the sum of 170 pounds Isaiah Boone sold to John Weis "all that lott of ground lying in George Town upon Potomack River number seventeen Beginning at the south west Corner of lot number sixteen being westerly from Boundary number Twenty six Four hundred sixty Two Feet and in the Line of Falls Street and running with lott number sixteen north Three hundred ninty nine Feet to the line drawn from Boundary number Ten to the Boundary number nine then ___ ___ line westerly Sixty Six Feet then ___ a line drawn southerly parrallel to the first Line for the Length of three Hundred and ninety Nine Feet to the Falls Street then with said Street East 6 the Beginning..." Wit: Robert Peter, Andrew Heugh. August 7, 1769, Hannah Boone, wife of Isaiah, was privately examined and acknowledged her right of dower to the said lott to be property of John Weis. from Diana Lehman <> 17-Jan-2001. [Note: Falls Street was present-day M Street in Georgetown, running west from the corner of present-day Wisconsin and M. The street running east from that corner was Bridge Street. Lot 17 was 4 lots west from the northwest corner of that intersection.] Histories Basil Brooke, Isaiah Boone, and a few others stood with Evan Thomas (a fellow Quaker) when he refused to swear alliegance to the state just before the Revolutionary War. MacMasters and Hiebert: A Grateful Remembrance; the Story of Montgomery County, Maryland Genealogical information about Arnold Boone Davis and Susanna Smith and their families taken from: Ye Meetg Hous Smal: A Short Account of Friends in Loudoun County, Virginia 1732-1980 by Werner and Asa Moore Janney. From Biographical Sketches of Clark County, Illinois Melrose Township Susanna Janney 1843-1900 SUSANNA HOLLENBECK, Melrose, is a daughter of Isaiah and Hannah Janney, and is the fourth of a family of eleven children, of whom six are now living. She was born in Melrose Township, July 23, 1843. She was married March 28, 1864, to William Brown, son of Adam and Mary Brown. He was born in Licking County, Ohio, March 16, 1841, and came to this county in 1860, from where he entered the First Missouri Cavalry, in 1861, and served as a soldier for four years, during which time he contracted the disease from which he died, November 9,1868, leaving two children, viz.: Jennie A. Brown, November 1, 1866; William R. Brown, January 12, 1869, and died September 13, 1879. Mrs. H. was afterward married, February 11, 1872, to Mr. John Winsett, son of John and Mary Winsett. He was a native of Ohio and was born July 6, 1818, and died November 3, 1876. She married John Hollenbeck, April 28, 1878, and one son, Homer Hollenbeck, was born December 18, 1879. Mrs. Hollenbeck has a farm of 200 acres of land, mostly improved land, in Section 8 of Melrose Township, containing a substantial farm residence erected in 1882. She is a member of the Protestant Methodist Church. --from 19-Oct-2000 Quaker Records Isaiah and Hannah (Pancoast) Boone
28-Jul-1763 - Isaiah Boone requests a certificate from Exeter MM to West River MM, Maryland. Hinshaw: Exeter MM, PA p 6. Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin, Vol 34, No 2, p 163. Certificate not delivered to West River MM from Exeter MM, but given to Fairfax MM, where he was disowned for marrying Hannah Pancoast contrary to discipline. Hinshaw: Fairfax MM, VA p 473. 8-Jul-1753 Hannah Pancoast received at Burlington MM from Chesterfield MM. 4/4/1763 William Hoge & w, Mary, & dt, Hannah Pancoast, given certificate to Fairfax MM, VA. Hinshaw: Burlington MM, NJ p 247. Undated: William Hoge, w Mary & dt Hannah Pancoast received at Fairfax MM, VA Hinshaw: Fairfax MM, VA p 506., 15 Aug 2000 based in part on The Pancoast Family in America, V 1-2, by Bennett S. Pancoast. 30-Apr-1776 - Isaiah, Hannah, and children Elizabeth, Mary, Mordecai & Esther reinstated to membership by their request. 28-May-1778 - Certificate granted from Fairfax to Indian Spring MM, MD. Hinshaw: Fairfax MM, VA p 473. George and Susanna (Boone) Janney
6-28-1815 George, Susanna & ch: Ruth Hannah, Jacob, Esther Boone & Isaiah Boone received by Farifax MM from Goose Creek MM, VA. 7-28-1819 George, Susanna & ch: Ruth Hannah, Jacob, Esther Boone, Isaiah Boone, Susannah Boone & George, Jr were given a certificate from Fairfax MM, VA to Alexamdria MM, DC. 1-24-1822 George, Susannah, 7 children were given a certificate to Indian Spring MM, MD. Ruth Hannah was given a separate certificate, being now adult. 1824 George Janney was disowned by Indian Spring MM, MD for non-payment of debts. 4-13-1826 Susanna and ch: Esther, Susannah Boone, Isaiah Boone, George Jr. & Sarah were received by Goose Creek MM, VA from Indian Spring MM, MD. 12-10-1831 George Janney received in membership, Honey Creek MM, IN Note from Hinshaw: Goose Creek MM, VA p 665: George Janney removed with his family to Honey Creek MM, Ind but in 1838 Honey Creek MM reported that he was accused of leaving his home and abusing his wife. He denied abusing his wife but refused to return to her whereupon Honey Creek MM disowned him 11-15-1838. After his wife died, he asked us to reinstate him, which we did 1-16-1845 with permission of Honey Creek MM, Ind. he then being an old and infirm man. Isaiah Boone Janney
6-13-1829 Isaiah B. Janney received by Honey Creek MM, IN on certificate from Goose Creek MM, VA dated 7-17-1828 11-30-1830 Isaiah B. Janney given a certificate by Honey Creek MM, IN to Goose Creek MM, VA 7-11-1833 Isaiah B. Janney received by Goose Creek MM, VA by certificate from Honey Creek MM, IN. 3mo-1837 Reported married contrary to discipline and removed to Ind. 9-9-1837 Honey Creek MM, IN asked by Goose Creek MM, VA to treat with Isaiah B. Janney for marrying contrary to discipline, which he hadn't condemned. 1-11-1838 Isaiah B. Janney disowned by Goose Creek MM, VA for marrying contrary to discipline. Tax Lists - Montgomery County, MD 1777 - Upper Part of Potomack Hundred Boone, Arnold 2 taxables Boone, Isaiah 2 taxables 1783 - Mary Boone (Arnold's widow) 2 taxables, 147 acres 1793 - Isaiah Boone, Boones Good Luck Again, 171 acres 1791 Patent IC#E:756 - Land Certificates and Patents, Maryland State Archives Wills Isaiah Boone L H, f 318, 20-Jan-1809, L 2, p 359, 17-Nov-1813 Son: Arnold Boone - land where grist and saw mills stand of about 50 a. Daus: Elizabeth Hughes, wife of Benjamin Hughes; Mary Hopkins, wife of Philip Hopkins; Hester Brooke, wife of James Brooke; Susannah Janney wife of George Janney; Anne Boone. Son Mordecai Boone - remainder of plantation EX: Son Mordecai Boone Wit: William Morgan, John Thomas, Mordecai Morgan Codicil dated 11th mo. 15th dy. 1812 Anne Boone has become Anne Elgin Wit: James Anderson, James Johnson, William Morgan Arnold Boone, Quaker L B, f 76, 7-Nov-1779, L 1, p 111, 21-May-1782 Brothers: Samuel and Isiah Boone To Wife Mary: "I Will Not, Yet I Will," pt. of "Boon's Good Luck," "Rockey Spring," 2 lots in "Addition to Georgetown" Ex: Wife Mary Wit: William Willett, James Fleming, Ninian Willett Isaiah Boone was a witness to the will of Benjamin Jefferson of Calvert County on 2-Jan-1788. From Abstracts of Wills, Montgomery Co. MD 1776-1825 By Gordon Malloy, Jane Sween and Janet D. Manuel, 1998, p17

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