Joseph Boone

of Washington County, Maryland

The following transcribed document makes a fairly persuasive case for Joseph Boone being a son of William and Susanna (Parks) Boone of Boonsboro, Washington County, Maryland. While he isn't called their son in this document, he is named with the other known children of William and Susanna, and he is called one of their heirs.

If Joseph is indeed their son, then this is a real addition to the genealogy of the Boone family, because he wasn't listed as a child of theirs in Spraker's book, or in the Boone-L database.

This transcription is presented here with the kind permission of Lisa Rieger, who put a scanned image of the original document on her Web page, cited below, and Michelle Petrilla, who found the document.

Document Relating to William Boone and Joseph Boone
of Washington County, Maryland

Know all men by these Presents that Whereas William Boone late of Washington County deceased held owned and possesed When living a house and lot in the town of Boonsboro distinguished by number Eight, Which property Susanna Boone the Widow of said William Boone at present occupies, and after her decease Will be the property of the heirs of Said William Boone to be equally divided among the Said heirs viz Mordacai, William, Daniel, Charlotte, Sarah and Joseph Boone, and Whereas I the Said Joseph Boone am desireous of Selling My claim and interest in and to Said Property, do therefore for and in consideration of the Sum of Ninety five dollars and Ninety Cents current Money to Me in hand Paid by Brady Wason and Thomas C. Brent of Washington County Maryland (that is to say fifty one dollars and sixty three cents paid Me by Brady Wason and forty four dollars and twenty seven Cents paid me by Thomas C. Brent) Sell and Convey to the Said Brady Wason and Thomas C. Brent all My rights claim part interest and demand of the aforesaid Property, and do hereby release for Myself My heirs executors and administrators for ever to be and remain the Share and property of Brady Wason and Thomas C. Brent (to be divided between them in proportion to the amount of the purchase money paid by each to Me) their heirs and assigns for ever, in witness thereof I have hereunto set My hand and seal in the presence of


[signed] Joseph Boone {seal}

State of Maryland
Washington County SS
On this Seventh day of June Eighteen Hundred and Twenty Seven before us the Subscribing Two of the Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid personally appears the within named Joseph Boone and acknolodged the within or foregoing instrument of writing to be his act and deed, and the lot and premices therein mentioned to be the right and estate of the within named Brady Wason and Thomas C. Brent their heirs and assigns forever according to the true intent and Meaning thereof, and the act of Assembly in Said Case made & provided.

Acknoledged before
J. H Bowles
William Yates

The scanned images of this document was shown on the Web page Unfortunately, that site has been hijacked. To see those images, click on these links: wboonedoc1.jpg and wboonedoc2.jpg

The original document was found on file at the Washington County, Maryland Court House by Michelle Petrilla. The documents contain the printed heading Land Records II 30, with page numbers 468 and 469 written in by hand. For the descendants of Joseph Boone, see: joseph2.pdf

All three of these documents were recovered from the Internet Archive.

This file was last updated on 1/28/2019.

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