London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting

These records are transcribed from the microfilmed registers of the London and Middlesex Quarterly Meeting, England. These records pertain primarily to the Hopkins and Haddon families, and to the families they intermarried with. The Family History Library film numbers are given below, followed by some marriage records from each film. The original formatting of the records is preserved as much as possible. The dates are Old Style, for the most part, and are transcribed as is.

FHL Film #0817379

William Hopkins and Ann Warner
Devonshire House, London ye 11th 1/Mo 1696/7

William Hopkins of Jordans in Gyles Chalfont
Parish in the County of Bucks, Woolen Draper, Son of William
Hopkins late of Farthingstone in the County of Northampton Yeo:
man Deceased And Ann Warner of Whitechappell, London Daughter of Isaac Warner of
Whitechappell London, Cooper. Having declared their Intentions
of taking each other in Marriage before Several publick Meetings of
the People of God called Quakers in London according to the good
order used among them, whose Proceedings therein, after a Consideration
thereof (with regard unto the Righteous Law of God, and Example of his
People recorded in the Scripture of Truth in that Case) were approved
By the Said Meetings, they appearing clear of all others and having consent
of Parents and Relations concerned. Now these are to Certifye All
whom it may concern, That for the full accomplishing of their Said Intentions
this Eleventh day of the first Month called March in the Year according
to the English Account One Thousand Six hundred Ninety and Six/ey?
      They the Said Willm. Hopkins and Ann Warner appeared in a public assembly
of the aforesd. People and others met together for yt: end in their publick meeting
Place at Devonshire house London, and in a Solumn manner he the Said
Willm. Hopkins taking the Said Ann Warner by the hand did openly declare as
followeth --- ffriends in the ffear of the Lord and in the presence of this
assembly whom I desire to be my witnesses I take this my Dear ffriend Ann
Warner to be my Wife, promising through the Lords assistance to be a
loving and ffaithful Husband, till it Shall please the Lord by death to separate
Us. And then and there in the Said assembly, the Said Ann Warner did in like
manner Declase as followith, Friends in the ffear of the Lord and in the
presence of this assembly, whom I desire to be my Witnesses, I take this my
ffriend Willm. Hopkins to be my Husband promising to be to him a ffaith-
full and loving Wife till it Shall please the Lord by death to separate Us.
      And the said Wm. Hopkins and Ann Warner as further Confirmation
thereof did then and there to those presents set their Hands. And We whose Names
are hereunto Subscribed, being present among others, at the Accomplishing
of their Said Marriage and Subscription, in manner aforesd: as Witnesses
hereunto, have also to these Presents Subscribed our Names, the &
Year above Written.

Wm. Hopkins
Mary Plumsted Ann Warner
ffra: Plumsted Jos: Stokes Ann Cox -----------------------
ffra: Elderidge Wm. Calling Bridget ford Jane? Warner
ffra: Stamfer Josiah Lane Junr. Ann White Sr.? Ann Warner
ffra: Baker Steven ffishr. Junr. Eliz: Goddard Wm. Lawrence?
Steven ffighn? Wm. Hopkins Mary Keys Mary Lawrence?
Wm. ?enden Jno. Kentfield Hester fleetwood? Simon Warner
Wm. Ch? Benj: Bealing Hen. Hopkins
Jane? Warner Junr
Bridget Rus???

Edward Hoare and Sarah Hadwin
Ratcliff Msx 30th day 5/Mo 1702

Edward Hore of Ratcliff in the Parish of Stepney and County of
Middlesex Confectioner, son of Edward Hore of the Same Place Distiller
Deceased, and Sarah Hadwen, Dauther of John Hadwen of the Same Place
Carpenter ...

Now these are to Certifye All whom it may Concert That for the full accom
plishing of their Said Intentions, this Thirtieth Day of the ffith Month
called July in the year according to the English Account, One Thousand Seven
Hundred and Two, They the S. Edward Hore and Sarah Hadwin, appeared
in a Public Assembly of the foresd: People and others mett together for
that and in their Public Meeting-Place at Ratcliff in the County of
Middlesex ...

                                                          Edward Hore
Sarah Hadwen
The Relations
John Hadwen
Jane Hadwen
Robert Hore
Jno. Hadwen Junr.
Wm. Hore
Ralph Massey
Grace Massey

FHL Film #0817380

Samuel Lloyd and Mary Haddon at the Bull & Mouth the 25th 5/ Mo 1710

Samuel Lloyd of Aldersgate Street Citizen & Cooper
of London, But by Trade a Grocer, Son of John Lloyd, late of
Islington in the County of Middlexex, Grocer, Deceased, And
Mary Haddon Daughter of Simon Haddon of the Parish of Gyles
Cripplegate, Mealman ...

Saml. Lloyd
Mary Haddon
Geo. Whitshd: Richd. Hawkins Julian Richer? Relations -----------------
Theads. Eicles Jun. Nat. Sainen Thos. Haddon Jno. Haddon Simon Haddon
Richd. Claridge Isaac Ayliss James Minsterley Benja: Hopkins M. Haddon
Jno. Staplse G. Phillips Jno. Reynolds Eliz. Haddon Mary Lloyd
Thos. ffellow Rd. Hutton Blanch Grover Eliz. Estaugh Eliz. Lloyd
Ed: ffoster Wm. Green &c Eliz. Trovy &c Wm. Haddon
Jno. Einerson

Anthony Hopkins and Mary Lund at the Savoy ye 6th 1 Mo 1710

Anthony Hopkins of Fetter Lane, London Glover
Son of Daniel Hopkins of Shipston upon Stower in the County of
Worcester, Glover And Mary Lund of the Parish of Martins in
the Fields Daughter of Benjamin Lund late of Hammersmith
in thee County of Middlesex, Carpender, Deceased

                                                          Anthony Hopkins
Mary Lund
Benja. Lund
Reb. Lund
Mary Lund
Danl. Hopkins
Ann Adains
Mary Wiggan

FHL Film #0817381

Joseph Messer and Elizabeth Hopkins at Ratcliff the 14 6 Mo 1746

Joseph Messer of London Citizen & Merchant Taylor
Son of Abraham Messer late of Southampton Currier
deceased and of Elizabeth his Wife him Surviving. And
Elizabeth Hopkins Daughter of Daniel Hopkins of
London Citizen and Merchant Taylor, and of Jane his
Wife deceased....

                                                          Joseph Messer
Elizabeth Hopkins
Daniel Hopkins
Anthony Hopkins
Benjamin Messer
Mary Messer
Henry London
Mary London
Robert Molins
Thomas London
John Hopkins
Edward Hopkins
Thomas Miles
James Creagh
Hannah Creagh
Sarah Beck

See also the Southwark Monthly Meeting and Northampton Quarterly Meeting records for the Hopkins and Haddon families, and those related to them by marriage. The list of my Quaker-related files is at Contents: Quaker.

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