Abstract of Mary Hopkins Butcher´s Will

Date Written: 11 Sep 1759
Date Proved: 26 Sep 1786
Reference: PROB11/1146, Surrey, Oct, quire 503, p. 194-195.
Location: St. Johns parish, Southwark, Surrey
Husband: Edward Butcher
Bequests to:
   sister, Sarah Simpson, the interest on £2000
   Sarah, Joseph & Thomas Etherington, children of Joseph Etherington, £500 each
   Ann Hopkins, daughter of Haddon Hopkins, £500
   sister, Elizabeth Etherington, £500
   John Wassee, Cheesemonger of Wapping, £100
   Henry Harris, Tallow Chandler, £100
   John Harris, Tallow Chandler, £100
   Horselydown Meeting, £100 for widows
   Grace Church Street Meeting, £20 for widows
   maid servant Ann Edmonds, £20
Executors: Joseph Potts and Jacob Hagen
Witnesses: Ann Edmonds

Abstract of Edward Butcher's Will

Date Written: 27 Jun 1749
Date Proved: 10 Aug 1749
Reference: PROB11/772, Surrey, Aug, sig 238, p. 121-122.
Location: St. John, Southwark, Surrey
Occupation: Tallow Chandler
Wife: Mary
Bequests to:
   brother George Butcher of Astrop, Northamptonshire, Farmer, £100
   brother William Butcher of Buckingham, Bucks, Farmer, £82 & 13 shillings
   sister Mary Hall, widow, last wife of Richard Hall of Hinton, Northamptonshire, deceased, £100
   sister Sarah Perkins, wife of Richard Perkins of Westbury, Northamptonshire, Farmer, £100
   sister Anne Harris of Thrup Vandefield [Thorp Mandeville], Northamptonshire, widow, interest from £200
   wife Mary, interest on £900 and residue of estate Executors: wife Mary Butcher, assisted by friend John Butler
     of St. Olave, Southwark, Gentleman
Witnesses: Thomas Bennett of Toolie Street, shoemaker, Mary Cox his daughter, Wm. Phillips, servt. to Edward Butcher.

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