Northamptonshire Births
from the Quaker Records

The following table lists the names, birth dates, and parishes of some of the births recorded in the Northampton Quarterly Meeting records, FHL film #811721. These are not the complete records, but the ones that interested me for my research in the Hopkins, Haddon, and Gill surnames.

The full records of these births are contained in the file nh-birth.txt, plain text file. This file may be viewed in your browser, or saved for later study.

Northamptonshire Births
Surname Name Date Parish
Ashby Alice 5da 10mo 1688 Bugbrook
Ashby Alice 8da 10mo 1689 Bugbrook
Ashby Ann 17da 5mo 1731 Bugbrook
Ashby Ann 29da 4mo 1732 Plumpton
Ashby Ann 3da 1mo 1760 Wellingboro
Ashby Anna 24da 7mo 1692 Northampton
Ashby Elizabeth 26da 10mo 1682 Bugbrook
Ashby Hannah 12da 4mo 1685 Bugbrook
Ashby Hannah 18da 1mo 1741 Cannons Ashby
Ashby Jane 12da 2mo? 1676 Bugbrook
Ashby Jane 28da 9mo 1738 Cannons Ashby
Ashby John 19da 1mo 1695 Great Horton
Ashby John 21da 8mo 1732 Bugbrook
Ashby John 22da 5mo 1695 Northampton
Ashby John 23da 5mo 1773 Bugbrook
Ashby John 25da 1mo 1735 Cannons Ashby
Ashby Joseph 18da 6mo 1702 Quinton
Ashby Joseph 26da 9mo 1719 Quinton
Ashby Joseph 31da 11mo 1690 Bugbrook
Ashby Lamb 28da 2mo 1729 Bugbrook
Ashby Martha 16da 12mo 1725 Bugbrook
Ashby Mary 1da 5mo 1775 Bugbrook
Ashby Mary 28da 7mo 1733 Plumpton
Ashby Mary 29da 8mo 1724 Bugbrook
Ashby Mary 2da 11mo 1680 Bugbrook
Ashby Rebecca 24da 10mo 1735 Bugbrook
Ashby Revecca 12da 3mo 1743 Cannons Ashby
Ashby Robert 10da 11mo 1699 Quinton
Ashby Robert 14da 9mo 1673 Bugbrook
Ashby Robert 1da 11mo 1727 Bugbrook
Ashby Sarah 16da 7mo 1687 Bugbrook
Ashby Stephen 13da 9mo 1736 Cannons Ashby
Ashby Stephen 22da 1mo 1746 Cannons Ashby
Ashby William 16da 9mo 1696 Great Horton
Ashby William 17da 3mo 1734 Bugbrook
Boon Elizabeth 30da 10mo 1690 Corby
Boon James 6da 9mo 1693 Corby
Boon Thomas 3da 1mo 1692 Corby
Boone George 22da 3mo 1730 Kettering
Boone Hannah 1da 1mo 1731 Kettering
Boone James 7da 7mo 1735 Kettering
Boone John 21da 8mo 1743 Kettering
Boone Mehetabell 8da 2mo 1740 Kettering
Boone Thomas 16da 12mo 1737 Kettering
Brown Margret 12da 1mo 1675 Huddington
Brown Mary 10da 10mo 1680 Huddington
Brown Rich: 10da 4mo 1679 Huddington
Brown Stephen 4da 2mo 1677 Huddington
Burr Dinah 19da 5mo 1752 Geddington
Burr Hannah 25da 1mo 1746 Geddington
Campion John 6mo 1696 Bugbrook
Campion Sarah 23da 8mo 1698 Bugbrook
Clark Dorothy 23da 12mo 1675 Geddington
Clark Edward 26da 7mo 1672 Geddington
Clark Elizabeth 22da 5mo 1669 Geddington
Clark Mary 14da 2mo 1671 Kettering
Clark Mary 1da 8mo 1665 Geddington
Clark Thomas 26da 7mo 1672 Geddington
Cowper Ann 10da 1mo 1682/3 Northampton
Cowper Ann 4da 4mo 1671 Northampton
Cowper Benjamin 7da 3mo 1694 Wellingborow
Cowper Edw: 14da 10mo 1675 Northampton
Cowper Edw: 15da 11mo 1684 Northampton
Cowper Edward 29da 6mo 1679 Wellingborough
Cowper Hannah 27da 2mo 1692 Wellingborow
Cowper Hannah 3da 10mo 1714 Wellingboro
Cowper John 10da 10mo 1682 Wellingborough
Cowper John 21da 5mo 1672 Northampton
Cowper Joseph 22da 6mo 1684 Wellingborough
Cowper Laurence 29da 9mo 1688 Wellingborow
Cowper Lawrance 15da 6mo 1686 Northampton
Cowper Margret 18da 10mo 1677 Northampton
Cowper Mary 6da 11mo 1679 Northampton
Cowper Nathaniel 6da 11mo 1690 Wellingborow
Cowper Thomas 23da 1mo 1680 Wellingborough
Cowper Thomas 27da 10mo 1680 Northampton
Cowper Thomas 3da 8mo 1712 Wellingboro
Cowper Thosden? 4da 3mo 1686 Wellingborough
Cowper William 15da 4mo 1697 Wellingborow
Ellis Ann 16da 11mo 1725 Bugbrook
Ellis Ann 5da 2mo 1730 Bugbrook
Ellis Anne 30da 7mo 1693 Bugbrook
Ellis Benjamin 6da 5mo 1698 Bugbrook
Ellis Elizabeth 19da 3mo 1696 Bugbrook
Ellis Elizabeth 29da 6mo 1731
Ellis John 30da 8mo 1686 Bugbrook
Ellis John 7da 2mo 1739 Bugbrook
Ellis Joseph 5da 8mo 1692 Bugbrook
Ellis Mary 15da 4mo 1729 Bugbrook
Ellis Mary 9da 10mo 1724 Bugbrook
Ellis Richard 17da 1mo 1687/8 Bugbrook
Ellis Richd. 30da 11mo 1735 Bugbrook
Ellis Robert 19da 11mo 1697 Bugbrook
Ellis Robert 23da 6mo 1685 Northampton
Ellis Sarah 12da 11mo 1694 Bugbrook
Ellis Sarah 16da 1mo 1732/3
Ellis Thomas 19da 5mo 1689 Bugbrook
Ellis Thomas 26da 3mo 1701 Bugbrook
Ellis Thomas 28da 8mo 1722 Bugbrook
Ellis William 14da 4mo 1721 Bugbrook
Garner Ann 1da 3mo 1709 Wellingboro
Garner Hanna 26da 10mo 1680 Northampton
Garner Lot 23da 9mo 1710 Wellingboro
Garner Mary 17da 11mo 1679 Northampton
Garner Sarah 21da 7mo 1707
Gill Ann 3da 8mo 1753 Morton Pinkney
Gill Elizabeth 21da 9mo 1726 Moreton Pinkney
Gill George 19da 4mo 1698 Rothersthorp
Gill John 24da 4mo 1761 Wellingboro
Gill John 3da 11mo 1723 Morton Pinkney
Gill Thomas 18da 1mo 1764 Wellingboro
Gill Thomas 18da 4mo 1730 Moreton Pinkney
Gill William 24da 10mo 1751 Morton Pinkney
Gill William 24da 5mo 1762 Wellingboro
Gill William 29da 2mo 1693 Rothersthorp
Griffin Elizabeth 24da 1mo 1685 Northampton
Griffin John 20da 1mo 1677 Northampton
Griffin Michael 4da 11mo 1672
Griffin Robert 23da 8mo 1730
Griffin Willm. 11da 2mo 1674
Griffing Susanna 28da 8mo 1701 Northampton
Griffing Susanna 4da 3mo 1702 Northampton
Griffing Susanna 4da 3mo 1712 Northampton
Griffing William 21da 3mo 1711 Northampton
Griffing William 4da 3mo 1702 Northampton
Hackney John 2da 3mo 1690 Wellingborow
Hackney Samuel 19da 2mo 1687 Wellingborow
Haddon Ann 11da 8mo 1657 Hardingstone
Haddon Ann 19da 11mo 1671 Bugbrook
Haddon Elizab: 1da 5mo 1677 Bugbrook
Haddon Hannah 5da 1mo 1673 Bugbrook
Hopkins Anne 13da 8mo 1679 Muscott
Hopkins Elizabeth 13da 8mo 1679 Muscott
Hopkins Grace 16da 12mo 1669 Heaford
Hopkins John 30da 9mo 1661
Hopkins Mary 18da 7mo 1676 Muscott
Hopkins Sarah 29da 10mo 1672 Heaford
Jennings Ann 21da 11mo 1708 Kettering
Jennings Dinah 15da 10mo 1713 Kettering
Jennings Mary 6da 12mo 1704/5 Kettering
Jennings William 12da 12mo 1710 Kettering
Ladd Ffrancis 21da 3mo 1660 Northampton
Marriott Mary 23da 5mo 1674 Wappenham
Mutton Emanuell 30da 2mo 1669 Geddington
Mutton James 12da 7mo 1677 Geddington
Mutton James (2nd) 19da 3mo 1680 Geddington
Mutton John 24da 1mo 1667 Geddington
Mutton John 2da 1mo 1658 Geddington
Mutton Judeth 22da 4mo 1663 Geddington
Mutton Judith 5da 7mo 1670 Geddington
Mutton Katherine 27da 5mo 1675 Geddington
Mutton Rebeca 10da 1mo 1672 Geddington
Mutton Sarah 19da 2mo 1674 Geddington
Mutton Symond 1da 1mo 1665 Geddington
Mutton Symond 21da 7mo 1660 Geddington
Nottingham Elizabeth 28da 2mo 1692 Wellingborow
Nottingham Hannah 6da 1mo 1675 Wellingborough
Nottingham John 11da ?mo 1678 Wellingborough
Nottingham John 8da 6mo 1681 Wellingborow
Nottingham Judith 26da 4mo 1685 Wellingborow
Nottingham Mary 26da 12mo 1682 Wellingborow
Nottingham Samuel 17da 2mo 1687 Wellingborow
Nottingham William 27da 11mo 1696 Wellingborow
Tibbs Grace 3da 1mo 1684/5 Bugbrook
Tibbs Mary 16da 2mo 1687 Bugbrook
Tibbs Thomas 21da 10mo 1657 Bugbrook
Ward Mary 30da 9mo 1709
Ward Sarah 28da 11mo 1710
Warner Agnice 7da 7mo 1697 Kettering
Warner Dinah 2da 5mo 1713 Kettering
Warner Edward 14da 2mo 1670 Kettering
Warner Elizabeth 11da 10mo 1711 Kettering
Warner Elizabeth 3da 7mo 1739 Thingdon
Warner Ellin 19da 8mo 1692 Kettering
Warner George 10da 9mo 1710 Kettering
Warner George 26da 7mo 1666 Kettering
Warner George 29da 8mo 1690 Kettering
Warner Hannah 5da 8mo 1694 Kettering
Warner Henry 15da 11mo 1677 Kettering
Warner Henry 7da 9mo 1681 Kettering
Warner James 14da 6mo 1672 Kettering
Warner James 19da 2mo 1689 Kettering
Warner James 5da 3mo 1675 Kettering
Warner John 11da 11mo 1725
Warner John 17da 1mo 1717/17 Kettering
Warner John 20da 6mo 1704 Kettering
Warner John 24da 12mo 1679 Kettering
Warner Joseph 11da 8mo 1674 Kettering
Warner Mary 13da 12mo 1708 Kettering
Warner Mary 18da 11mo 1707 Kettering
Warner Mary 4da 9mo 1714 Kettering
Warner Robert 31da 6mo 1707 Kettering
Warner Samuel 7da 9mo 1681 Kettering
Warner Sarah 29da 11mo 1708 Kettering
Warner Sarah 4da 2mo 1679 Kettering
Warner Susanna 15da 8mo 1683 Kettering
Warner Thomas 8da 11mo 1685 Kettering
Warner William 27da 9mo 1709 Kettering
Warner William 4da 10mo 1677 Kettering
Warrin Ann 6da 4mo 1660
Warrin Ellis 2da 8mo 1658
Warrin Grace 26da 2mo 1663 Avon
Wright Ann 12mo 1725
Wright Benjamin 17da 1mo 1714 Irthlingboro
Wright Daniel 17da 1mo 1714 Irthlingboro
Wright James 24da 7mo 1707 Irithlingboro
Wright John 26da 12mo 1709 Irthlingboro
Wright Joseph 29da 5mo 1728
Wright Joseph 2da 12mo 1699 Wellingboro
Wright Mary 7da 4mo 1681
Wright Samuel 25da 11mo 1696 Wellingborow
Wright William 2da 3mo 1711 Irthlingboro
Wright male 2mo 1673 Blakely

This file was last updated on 7/15/2004.

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