Northamptonshire Marriages
from the Quaker Records

The following table lists the names, marriage dates, wedding locations, and parishes of some of the marriages recorded in the Northampton Quarterly Meeting records, FHL film #811721. These are not the complete records, but the ones that interested me for my research in the Hopkins, Haddon, and Gill surnames.

The full records of these marriages are contained in the plain text file nh-marr.txt. This file may be displayed in your browser, and saved for later study.

Northamptonshire Marriages
Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Wedding Date Wedding Place Meeting
Arnold Edmond Brown Sarah 23da 3mo 1720 Bugbrook
Ashby John Gamage Mary 11da 11mo 1671 Bugbrook
Ashby John Lamb Martha 6da 8mo 1721 Bugbrook
Ashby Joseph Smalbon Jane 2da 2mo 1714 Northampton Bugbrook
Ashby Lamb Wickens Sarah 23da 6mo 1772 Bugbrook Bugbrook
Baringer James Nottingham Mary 22da 2mo 1701 Wellingborough
Billing Thomas Dunckley Mary 4da 1mo 1685 Buckbruck Bugbrook
Bilton Samuel Hopkins Susanah 16da 4mo 1681 Heaford Bugbrook
Bliss George Eliss Mary 10da 10mo 1671 Bugbrook Bugbrook
Boon Emanuel Mutton Eliza. 28da 2mo 1689 Brigstock
Burbro Timothy Ingram Sarah 25da 7mo 1685 Northampton Bugbrook
Cheese Nathaniel Robeson Elizabeth 19da 3mo 1687 Buckbruck Bugbrook
Coale Henry Cooper Hannah 4da 11mo 1739 Wellingboro Wellingboro
Collins Richd. Ashby Alice 17da 2mo 1711 Flower Bugbrook
Cowper Edward Moakings Ann 5da 3mo 1670
Cowper Thomas Ellis? Hannah 20da 11mo 1677
Cowper Thomas Line Susanah 29da 7mo 1685 Northampton Bugbrook
Ellis Benjamin Dumbleton Sarah 9da 5mo 1729 Bugbrook
Ellis John Chapman Hannah 18da 6mo 1720 Bugbrook
Ellis John Gibins Elizabeth 18da 6mo 1731 Bugbrook
Ellis Richard Ashby Anna 16da 8mo 1684 Northampton Bugbrook
Flingham William Griffin Elizabeth 14da 11mo 1732 Wellingboro Wellingborough
Garner Lot Brown Ann 14da 9mo 1706 Wellingborough
Garner Lot Hackney Elizabeth 1da 10mo 1681 Wellingborough
Gilks John Jennings Mary 13da 2mo 1764 Eydon Bugbrook
Gill John Haddon Anne 19da 9mo 1685 Northampton Bugbrook
Gill John Martin Sarah 22da 12mo 1750 Bugbrook
Gill Thomas Bays Elizabeth 6da 7mo 1759 Finedon Wellingboro
Gray John Ashby Eliza. 28da 12mo 1709 Bugbrook
Griffin John Ashby Hannah 28da 12mo 1709 Bugbrook
Griffin William Garner Susanna 4da 5mo 1672
Grimes John Thackall Hannah 16da 7mo 1776 Eydon Bugbrook
Grimes Thomas Jennings Ann 3da 12mo 1753 Bugbrook
Groom John Ashby Elizabeth 5da 2mo 1667 Bugbrook
Haddon Thomas Ashby Alice? 16da 2mo 1671 Bugbrook
Harman Thomas Arnold Elizabeth 29da 4mo 1686 Northampton Bugbrook
Hinson Thomas Ashby Sarah 18da 2mo 1716 Bugbrook
Hopkins William Arnold Grace 19da 9mo 1668 Bugbrook
Jennings Joseph Green Mary 23da 1mo 1702/3 Northampton Wellingborough
Linning? William Ashby Ellin 27da 10mo 1677 Bugbrook
Maule Thomas Ashby Ann 15da 6mo 1774 Eydon Bugbrook
Mutton Symon Beame Luch 26da 5mo 1668 Kettering
Nottingham John Ashby Mary 12da 10mo 1672 Bugbrook
Palmer Thomas Ellis Elizabeth 13da 2mo 1682 Richard Ashby's Buckbruck Bugbrook
Pell John Warner Margaret 16da 3mo 1700 Wellingborough
Pell Thomas Ashby Jane 14da 1mo 1672 Wellingborough
Pooley William Tibbs Elizabeth 8da 4mo 1676 Bugbrook
Strattford Thomas Hopkins Bridgett 13da 1mo 1690 Buckbruck Bugbrook
Thackall John Gill Elizabeth 21da 5mo 1762 Bugbrook
Thackall John Grimes Sarah 1da 2mo 1746 Bugbrook
Throsell Francis Ashby Martha 23da 12mo 1681 Geddington
Throsell Thomas Clark Elizabeth 1da 4mo 1694 Kettering
Tibbs John Arnold Grace 14da 2mo 1681 Robert Ashby's, Buckbruck Bugbrook
Ward John Clapham Mary 4da 12mo 1708 Raund Wellingborough
Warner George Betts Mary 18da 9mo 1703 Thingdon Kettering
Warner George Garratt Hanh. 28da 7mo 1689 Harrowden
Warner George Hackney Agnes 20da 3mo 1665 Kettering Kettering
Warner Henry Warrin Eliza. 16da 5mo 1702 Wellingborough Kettering
Warner James Clark Mary 4da 2mo 1699 Kettering
Warner James, Senr. Ashby Sarah 7da 4mo 1674
Warner John Fish Elizabeth 6da 5mo 1717 Wimswold, Leicester Kettering
Warner John Warner Elizabeth 16da 11mo 1706 Geddington Kettering
Warner Samuel Miller Ann 30da 10mo 1737 Irthlingboro Wellingborough
Whitlark Abraham Burr Elizabeth 11da 11mo 1766 Raunds Wellingborough
Wright Joseph Boys Elizabeth 20da 2mo 1725 Moulton Northampton
Wright Joseph Brown Ann 16da 9mo 1710 Bugbrook Bugbrook
Wright Thomas Bofoort? Margery 17da 9mo 1672 Wellingborough
Yarwood William Ward Sarah 11da 7mo 1740 Raund Wellingborough
York John Ashby Hanah 15da 8mo 1670 Bugbrook

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