Richard Hopkins´ Will

November 11, 1851
Jay County, Indiana
Will Records, Vol. A, 1846-1867

Know All Men that I Richard Hopkins of the county of Jay and the State of Indiana do hereby Make this my last Will and Testament.

I give and bequeath to My wife Martha Hopkins all my Estate both Real and Personal of which I may die possessed hereby conveying to her all privileges and immunities the same as held by Myself for the following purpose (to wit) First to dispose of so much and of such part as she may deem best and sufficient for the payment of All My debts and such demands against me.

The residue to be held by her as above stated for her own benefit and behoof and that of my Children of whom I appoint her sole Guardian and protector.

I also appoint her as sole and only Executrix to this My last will leaving her to choose whomever may best suit herself to advise and assist her in the administration thereof.

In witness whereof I have hereunder set My hand and affixed My Seal this Eleventh day of November AD 1851.

Richard Hopkins {Seal}

In Testimony Whereof we the undersigned as Witnesses have hereunto subscribed our names the said Richard Hopkins acknowledging the within signature to be his for the use and purpose therein above named on the day and year within named.
William Hopkins
John Grist

Proof of Will

State of Indiana
Jay County SS

Jay Probate Court February Term 1852
The Following examination and proof as to the last will and testament of Richard Hopkins late of said County deceased was taken in open court at the Term aforesaid. William Hopkins one of the subscribing Witnesses to the last Will and Testament of the said Richard Hopkins being duly affirmed in open court and upon his affirmation says that he was a subscribing Witness to the last Will of Richard Hopkins, that the Will here presented dated November Eleventh 1851 is the same Will that the testator signed in the presence of the said deponent and at the time of signing the same the testator declared the same to be his last Will that the deponent attested the same together with John Grist in the presence of the said testator at his Request and that the said Testator at the time of executing the said will was over twenty one years of age that he was of sound mind and memory and that he was not under any coercion or restraint at the time of the signing the said will and further said not.
William Hopkins
John Grist

Subscribed and affirmed in open court this February 16th of 1852.
Ira Denneg, Clerk

In Witness whereof I Ira Denneg Clerk of the Jay Probate Court hereunto subscribe my name and affix the seal of said court at Portland this 16th day of February A.D. 1852.
Ira Denneg, Clerk {Seal}

Note: Richard Hopkins was an elder brother of William Griffith Hopkins, my ancestor. John Griest (Grist) was a fellow Quaker in Pennville (Camden). Richard was the Clerk of the Men's Meeting until his death, after which William took his place. Both were merchants in the town, and early settlers there.

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