Samuel Boone

Gunsmith of Frederick County, Maryland

1736-Abt. 1805

The following information is about Samuel Boone, son of Samuel Boone and Elizabeth Cassell, who settled in Frederick County, Maryland and operated a business as a gunsmith.

Samuel was born on 22 Mar 1736 in Exeter Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. He moved to Maryland in about the same time period in which several others of the Boone family settled in that area. His brothers Isaiah and Arnold Boone lived in Frederick County (now Montgomery County), as did his younger cousin William Boone (in what is now Washington County). William's brother George invested in land in Boonsboro, now Washington County.

Samuel's married his first wife, Rachel Coles, on 14 Oct 1760 when he was 24. She died on 17 Apr 1763; their son John died shortly thereafter. He remarried to his cousin, Jane Foulke Hughes, on 9 Dec 1766 at Trinity Church in Reading, Pennsylvania. She was reprimanded on 2-25-1767 by the Exeter Quaker Meeting for marrying out and to kin. She and Samuel had nine children.

Samuel provided guns and parts for the Revolutionary Army, an enterprise which cost him most of the wealth he had accumulated up to that time. He bought his supplies with hard money, but was paid, late, with Continental script. After the Revolutionary War, when he was about 47, Samuel moved his family to Kentucky, near his cousin and former apprentice, Squire Boone, Jr. He died in Shelby County about 1805 at the age of about 69. After his death, his sons moved with Squire, Jr. to Indiana.

Documents and References

1759 The following excerpt from The Life of Daniel Boone (Lyman C. Draper, LL.D., Edited by Ted Franklin Belue, pp. 147-148) was posted to the Boone-L list by Rochelle Cochran on Mon, 1 Apr 2002:
While the Bryans and probably some of the Boone connection took refuge in Ft. Dobbs, Samuel Boone and family removed to the old settlements in SC, and old Squire Boone and wife, his son Daniel Boone, and son-in-law William Grant, with their families, retired to Virginia and Maryland. When Squire Boone and family removed in 1750 from PA to NC, he left his youngest son, Squire, then a lad of six years, with his cousin Samuel Boone, a gunsmith, to learn the trade. This Samuel Boone with several others of Boone relatives removed to MD and settled in or near Georgetown, now in the District of Columbia, which town was laid out by an act of the Maryland Assembly passed May 15th, 1751. Here Squire Boone and his son-in-law Grant repaired and remained three years among their connections.16 Drapers' notes, p. 159: #16 "William Grant's family record aids in determining these three years' sojourn in Maryland: His daughter Sarah was born in the Forks of the Yadkin in Jan. 1759; his son William in Maryland Jan. 1761; and his son Samuel in the Forks of the Yadkin in Nov. 1762.
1762 A further excerpt from the Draper/Belue book, p. 171:
During this year, his [Daniel Boone's] parents and their son-in-law William Grant and family returned from Maryland, bringing with them Squire Boone Jr., who had from boyhood been living with his cousin Samuel Boone and learning the gun-smith trade, from whom was purchased between one and two years of the remaining period of his apprenticeship.16 All this long journey from Maryland to the Boone settlement on the forks of Yadkin was performed by Mrs. Boone on horseback, the whole party camping each night in the open air before a cheerful, blazing fire kindled beside some fallen giant of the forest. Draper's notes, p. 180 #16:
This Samuel Boone was the son of Samuel and grandson of old George Boone. During the Revolutionary War, he filled large contracts with Congress for guns and lost all he possessed by the operation; and in the fall of 1783 emigrated to Kentucky. He spent most of the year 1787 among the Chickasaw Indians, working at his trade. He settled in Shelby County, Kentucky, and there died about 1809 at a good old age. He was the father-in-law of the venerable Judge Moses Boone of Indiana and grandfather of the present Col. William P. Boone, a prominent attorney of law of Louisville, Kentucky.
1760-66 Berks County, Pennsylvania Tax Lists
1761  Samuel Boone on Amity Twp. Tax List.
1762  Samuel Boone on Amity and Exeter Twp. Tax Lists
1764  Samuel Boone on Exeter Twp. Tax List
1766  Samuel Boone on Exeter Twp. Tax List
       Source: Berks County Genealogical Society
Samuel Boone Maryland Land Transactions
18 Sep 1761 Samuel Boone sold lot #32 in Georgetown to John Boon* Liber K, p 741-743
* This might have been John, son of George and Mary Boone, and uncle to Samuel Boone, Jr.
21 Oct 1767 Samuel and Jane Boone sold lot #15 in Georgetown
15 Feb 1768 Samuel Boone bought "Knaves Disappointment" adjoining Georgetown
18 Apr 1770 Samuel Boone bought "Montrose" from Archibald Orme and wife Elizabeth
21 Nov 1770 Samuel Boone was sued with Archibald Orme and Zephaniah Beale by Ninean Beale
Source: Frederick County Maryland Land Records by Patricia A. Anderson, vols 1-8
(GenLaw Resources, 1995-2000).
1762 The following was posted to the Boone-L list on Wed, 27 Mar 2002 by Shirley Middleton-Moller. It is an excerpt from The Boone Family by Hazel Atterbury Spraker:
Sometime at about this period, probably during their stay in Maryland, Sarah (Morgan) Boone took her youngest son Squire back to Pennsylvania on a visit. The entire journey was made on horseback, stopping to camp at night. It is not known how long Sarah remained, but she returned home without her son, whom she left in Pennsylvania as an apprentice to his cousin Samuel Boone (No. 58) to learn the gunsmith trade.
1766 This record comes from FTM CD 206, Maryland Probate Records, Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1763-1766 (Libers 81-90), p. 106:
Christopher Leamon    90.154    FR    £52.4.8    Nov 5 1765    Jun 19 1766
(also Christopher Laymon)
  Appraisers: Thomas Johns, George Beall, Jr.
  Creditors: Josi Beall, Samuel Boone.
  Administratrix: Rachael Laymon.
1773 This record comes from FTM CD 206, Maryland Probate Records, Prerogative Court Abstracts, 1772-1774 (Volumes 110-118), p. 95:
Benjamin Brite    117.360    FR    #163;56.11.4    Nov 6 1773    Mar 19 1774
  Appraisers: Alexander Clagett, James Harbin.
  Creditors: Samuel Boone.
  Next of Kin: Benjamin Ray, John Ray, Jr.
  Administratrix: Fulda Davis.
The three documents below were posted to the Boone-L list by Larry DeFrance, who found them in the Maryland Archives,
No. 214,
[Council to S. Boone.]

All the Gunlocks you can make are wanted here. You will
therefore be kind enough to send them down to this Place as
soon as you can.
To Mr Saml Boone.
Octr 12 1776

Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety - July 7,
1776 to December 31, 1776, Volume 12, Page 338

[C. Beatty to Council.]

Frederick Town Dec. 10th 1776.
The Barer hereof Mr Boon (the overseer of the Gun Lock
factory) waits on you in order to get some money to enable
him to carry on the factory, for it cannot be supported any
longer without.

Mr Hanson who keeps the books is not at home so that I
cannot get to see them in order to draw for the money, the
factory is entitled to, but I am clearly sattisfied that it must be
about 400 Dollars by the acct rendered, and the locks now in
the factory, which sum please to forward by Mr Boon. We
have now in the factory 156 locks completely finished as will
appear by the Inclosed certificate for nearly two months past
I was compelled to take money on Intrest to support the
factory or let the hands go idle. It is not in my power to
borrow any more for that purpose here. pray dont fail send-
ing the money or I shall be compelled to sell locks to pay the
money that I have taken up and let the servants shift for
themselves, which will be a great loss to the publick. I am
Gent. Your ready friend & well wisher
C. Beatty.

Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety - July 7,
1776 to December 31, 1776, Volume 12, Page 519

Thursday 2d October 1777.

Present Josiah Polk, John Rogers and Tho. Sim Lee

Ordered That James Brice Esquire Lieut. of Ann Arundel
County discharge Jonathan Pinkney, Anthony Pinkney and
James Taylor from further confinement, they having been on
the Invasion of this State confined under Guard for the Public
security and that Invasion having ceased.

The Sheriff of Ann Arundel County is hereby required to
receive into his Custody the bodies of Jesse Gray, Hambleton
Callilo and Daniel Melson, charged with Treason against this
State and heretofore committed to a Guard and them safely
keep in the Common Jail till Lawfully discharged.

Ordered That the Commissary of Stores at Annapolis
deliver Samuel Boone 6 pieces Kendal Cotton 1 piece Osna-
brigs 10 Bushels Salt for the use of the Gun Lock Manufactory
in Frederick.

Ordered That the western shore Treasurer pay to Samuel
Boone four hundred and fifty pounds to be delivered over into
the hands of the Supervisors of the Gun Lock Manufactory in
Frederick on Acct.

Journal and Correspondence of the State Council, March 20, 1777 - March
28, 1778 and Journal and Correspondence of the Council of Safety January
1 - March 20, 1777, Volume 16, P 386.
6/28/1777 Samuel BOONE and Jane his wife of Frederick Town, Md. mentioned in Berks County, Pennsylvania land transaction.
Berks Co. Deed Book B-3, 141. Source: "Maryland References in Berks County Records."
The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol. XXIII, p. 15.
1781 This record comes from the Maryland State Archives:
Volume 45, Page 437

Thursday 17th May 1781

May 17
Liber C. B.
No. 28P. 83
p. 84

That the said Treasurer pay to Thomas Beatty one hundred and
ninety five pounds for the use of Samuel Boone per Account passed
by the Aud. Gen1
1782 This record comes from the Maryland State Archives:
Volume 48, Page 54

54 Journal and Correspondence.

January 23 [1782]
Liber C. B.
No. 24
p. 209

That the said Treasurer pay to the following persons, Samuel
Boone fifty pounds, nine shillings and two pence specie due him per
Account passed by the Audr Genl 20th December 1781.
1783 Sometime in 1783 he [Squire Boone, Jr.] went to Virginia on business and when he returned, in the fall of that year, brought back with him several families, that of his cousin Samuel Boone among them. (This was the cousin from whom he learned gunsmithing.) (Spraker, The Boone Family, pp. 80-81)
1787-1788 Becoming discouraged because of losses and land disputes he decided to leave Kentucky, and in 1787 with his son Isaiah, his cousin Samuel Boone, and several others went by boat to Chickasaw Bluffs, intending to make a settlement. They landed and unloaded the boats, but being warned by a friendly Chickasaw that it was unsafe to try to settle here bacause of the Creeks, Squire reloaded and went on down to New Orleans, where he took Spanish protection, set up shop, and worked at his trade for three years. (Spraker, p. 80-81) Samuel remained nearly a year with the Chichasaws, working at his trade. He then returned to Ky. (Spraker, p. 98)

Some Boone Census References

1787 Fayette County, Kentucky (VA) Property Tax for 1787 - List C
Last NameFirst NameCharged with TaxData
Boon Samuel self 0 0 0 2 12
Boon Samuel, Jr. self 0 0 0 5 3
Boon Joseph self 1 0 0 7 12
1789 Jefferson County (KY) Tax List B, 1789
Last NameFirst NameCharged with TaxData Notes
Boon Isaah Jonathan Boon 16-21 yrs., not tithable
Boon John Samuel Boon 16-21 yrs., not tithable
Boon Jonathan self 1 0 0 2
Boon Moses self 1 0 0 1 16-21 yrs., not tithable
Boon Samuel self 1 0 0 2
1800 Shelby County, Kentucky Tax List of 8/7/1800 from "Second Census" of Kentucky - 1800 by G. Glenn Clift, (1954, 1993)pp. 27-28
Boon, Enoch
Boone, George
Boone, Isiah
Boone, John
Boone, Jonathan
Boone, Josiah
Boone, Moses
Boone, Squire
Boone, William
Boone, William, Jr.
1800 Fayette County, Kentucky Tax List of 11/7/1800 from "Second Census" of Kentucky - 1800 by G. Glenn Clift, (1954, 1993) p. 27
Boon, Levi
Boon, Samuel
Boon, Squire, Revd.

1805 from Spraker, pp. 96-98.
58. SAMUEL BOONE (Samuel4; George3), born 22 Mar., 1736, in Exeter Twp.;
died about 1805 in Shelby Co., Ky. (a)
(a) Draper Mss. 19C 120-154.
The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol II
by Frederick A. Virkus (1926), pp. 124, 309 *
Jane F. [Hughes] m 1766, Samuel Boone (1736-1805), propr. Md. Gunlock Factory during Am Rev. Samuel [Boone] (1736-1805) m 1766 Jane Hughes (b 1745)
* These pages also give information about Samuel and Jane's children, including Hiram Cassel Boone, George Washington Boone, and about the Douglass, Hairston, Hughes, Merrifield, Rentfro, Rogers, and Stovall families.
1806 from Spraker (1922), p. 82
Discouraged and unhappy, in 1804 or '06, Squire Boone with his sons Isaiah, Moses, Jonathan and Enoch, and the five sons of his nephew Samuel Boone, left Ky. for the last time and went to Indiana.
from Spraker (1922), p. 161
At the time Squire Boone, Jr., left Kentucky (about 1807), taking with him all of his own family and all of Samuel Boone's, Hiram C. Boone moved to Indiana with the rest.
from History of Shelby County, Kentucky by George L. Willis, Sr. (1929, 1996) p. 142
In 1806 -- with his sons, Isaiah, Enoch, Moses, and Jonathan, and the five sons of his nephew, Samuel Boone -- he [Squire], like his great precedent and elder brother, left Kentucky with a sad heart; and forming a new settlement (called "Boone Settlement"), in the then territory of Indiana, in what is now Harrison County, about twenty-five miles northwest of Louisville, erected a small mill and laid the foundation of a flourishing and populous township, called also, "Boone Township," which is now the happy home of many worthy Kentuckians and their descendants.
Note: Two of these sources refer to Samuel Boone as Squire, Jr.'s nephew, but they were actually 1st cousins. I've been unable to find a nephew of Squire's whose name was Samuel and who had five sons, so I think the word nephew was a mistake, or a loose use of the term.

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