Boone Family - History of Western Maryland

This is a collection of references to the Boone family and related families from:

History of Western Maryland
John Thomas Scharf (1843-1898)
Philadelphia, 1882
Reprinted by Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore. MD 1968

Wherever possible, these people have been tied in with the Boone-L database, as noted in the number column below.

Benedict Boone 482c Frederick 1840 Judge of the Levy Court
Charlotte Boone 3469 1264d Washington 1844 Wife of Ephraim Davis, b. June 1783, d. August 1806
George Boone 2926 1261b Washington Early settler in Boonboro
George Boone 2926 1261c Washington Died in Reading
Ham Deal Bone 431c Frederick 1764 Will proved in 1764
H. J. Boone 568b Frederick 1882 Physician in Buckeytown
Jerningham Boone 316 326 Frederick 1861-65 Surgeon, First (Potomac Home Brigade) Infantry
John Boon 1551b Dist 6 1821 1820-21 Presidential Election Elector, James Madison, President
Letitia Boone 662d Montgomery 1798 Married Joseph Brooke, Dec 27, 1798
Lycurgus M. Boon 1356d Allegany 1882 Teacher, Twiggtown, Flintstone No. 1, 1882
Margaret Boone 3067 1261c Washington Boonsboro originally named for her (wife of George Boone)
Mordecai Boone 2883? 1263a Washington Early resident of Boonsboro
Mordecai Boone 2883? 1264c Washington 1812 On Trinity Reformed Church lottery committee
Richard Boone 148b 1814 Pvt., Reg. 7, Lot No. 3120, Revolutionary War Soldiers receiving land west of Ft. Cumberland
Robert Boone 193c 1814 In Stedher’s Frederick Artillery, War of 1812, 1814?
Robert Boone 481a Frederick 1835-39 Judge of the Frederick County Orphans Court
Samuel Boone 660a Montgomery 1776-77 Leased land near Edin Pancoast on Muddy Branch
Sarah Boone 3480 1264d Washington 1874 Tombstone in Trinity Reformed Churchyard: d. Sept 7, 1874, aged 83 years
Solomon Boon 10226 429d Frederick 1813 Married Martha Merryman, April 15, 1813
Susanna Boone 3034 1261c Washington 1844 Died in Boonsboro
Susanna Boone 3034 1264d Washington 1844 Tombstone in Trinity Reformed Churchyard: b. Sept 11, 1755, d. Feb 1, 1844
William Boon 1211c Washington 1813 Pvt., Capt. John Miller’s company from Sharpsburg, Enlisted April 28, 1813, discharged July 3, 1813
William Boone 2915 1261b Washington Early settler in Boonsboro
William Boone 2915 1261c; 1264d Washington 1798 Died, buried Salem Churchyard, (Trinity Reformed) Boonsboro
William M. Boone 284 1861-65 Civil War
Ephraim Davis 3501 1263a Washington Early resident of Boonsboro
Ephraim Davis 3501 1264c Washington 1812 On Trinity Reformed Church lottery committee
Ephraim Davis 3501 1206b Washington 1812 Appointed to local Republican committee at meeting at Philip Meyers’ tavern, May 1812
Ephraim Davis 3501 991 b & c Washington 1814-17 Justice of the Peace, Washington County
Charles Embrey 1225b Washington 1831 Married Elizabeth Merriman, dau. of Richard & Elizabeth of St. Mary’s Co, VA in 1831.
Theodore Embrey 1225b Washington 1871 Son of Charles & Elizabeth, married Irene Buchanan, dau of John of Williamsport, 12/28/1871
Barbara Shank 1270b Washington 1870 Wife of John, b. 11/16/1787, d. 1/5/1870
Jacob Shank 1272b Washington 1867 b. 8/8/1786, d. 2/2/1867
Catherine Shank 1272b Washington 1869 Wife of Jacob, b. 1/10/1793, d. 3/4/1869
Mary B. Shank 1272b Washington 1866 Wife of Adam, d. 2/20/1866 aged 76 years 3 months
* Boone-L database number

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