Signatures of Family Members and Others

Sometimes, when ordering a copy of an original document, you get an added bonus: the signature of the person or people involved. Here are a collection of the signatures I've gotten so far. As far as I know, these are their actual signatures.

William Hopkins, Father of Benjamin.
He was a gardener and vintner, and lived in Southwark
(signature about 1700).

John and Elizabeth (Clarke) Haddon
Parents of Sarah and Elizabeth Haddon
(signatures about 1713).

Sarah Haddon Hopkins
Mother of Ebenezer Hopkins
(signature from 1734 letter)

Haddon Hopkins
son of Benjamin and Sarah Hopkins
(signature from 1740 marriage allegation)

Walter Gruffyth (Griffith )
He was the father of John Griffith, who was the father of Martha, who married Hezekiah Hopkins
(signature in 1744).

Joseph Young
He was the father of Susannah Young, who married John Griffith
(signature 1750).

Hezekiah, Benjamin and Ebenezer Hopkins, Jr.
and Mark BrownThese four signed the bond as administrators of the estate of
Josiah Hopkins in 1798.

Daniel Eastlack and Henry Siddons
These men were the witnesses to the administration bond in the will of Walter Gruffyth, Jr. in 1744.

John Estaugh Hopkins
Eldest son of Ebenezer and Sarah.

Elizabeth Estaugh Hopkins Mickle
Eldest daughter of Ebenezer and Sarah.

Thomas Redman and John Gill
Leading figures in Haddonfield History.

Sarah Mickle Hopkins
and Her Children.

John Blackwood
Husband of Ann Mickle.

William G. Hopkins Hopkins
My Great-Great-Grandfather

Arthur Hopkins
My Grandfather

Charles Howard Hopkins
My Father

Belle Boone Green Hopkins
My Grandmother

Charles Logan Hopkins
The Family Historian

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