Smiths of Frederick County, Maryland

I ordered three films from the Family History Library to try to find more information about Catharine Smith, wife of James D. Boone. These films were numbers 0013932-4, containing records and indexes for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Frederick. The index to the records is contained in the first film, and was prepared by the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore.

I found the record of the marriage of James Boone to Miss Catharine Smith on April 23, 1826 (page 1339 on film 0013933). However, that's the only record that I can identify definitely as pertaining to her. I found no baptism record for her, and no record of James or any of James and Catharine's children.

I also found no Boones that were definitely connected to James. Most of the Boones I found were the German Boones. I did find a Charles L. Boone who doesn't seem to be connected to the German Boone family, or to the Pennsylvania Boone family, either. There were also Sam. and Jane Boon, who were witnesses to the marriage of Andreas Miller and Rachel Fauth (see below). I think these are Samuel and Jane Foulke (Hughes) Boone, part of the Pennsylvania Boone family.

I've prepared some tablulations of the Smiths I found in these records. Even though I found no definite link to Catharine's family, it may be that this data will be helpful to other researchers, and might even lead to the identification of Catharine's parents. I would be happy to hear from anyone who has more information about her or her family.

Note: Most of the early instances of the Smith surname used the German spellings. The use of the English spelling seemed to increase as the records became more recent, but there were still Schmidt spellings well into the late 1800s. I've included some Boones in the following, along with the Smiths.

Smiths in the Evangelical Lutheran Church Records
of Frederick, MD, 1790-1827

Date Event Names
Easter 4 Apr 1790 Communicants Philipp Schmid, wife Elizabeth, daughter Catharina
Whitsunday 12 Jun 1791 Communicants Cath. Schmid, Matthes? Schmid
20 Oct 1793 Communicants Catharina Schmidin
Good Friday 1797 Confirmations Catharina Schmidin
8 Sep 1805 Confirmations Catha. Schmidten, Loudoun Co, VA
5 Jun 1808 Communicants Henrich Schmidt, Joh. Schmidt, Anamarie Schmidten, Michael Schmidt
21 May 1809 Communicants Henrich Schmidt, Jacob Schmidt, Michael Schmidt, Conie Schmidten
18 May 1823 Communicants Anna Maria & Barbara Schmitt, Andreas Schmitt, Johannes Schmitt
Whitsuntide 6 Jun 1824 Communicants Andreas Schmitt, Johannes Schmitt, Eater Schmitt, Anna Maria Schmitt
Whitsuntide 6 Jun 1824 Confirmations Henrich Schmitt
22 May 1825 Confirmations Jacob Schmitt, Elizabeth Schmitt
22 May 1825 Communicants Anna M. Schmitt, Barbara Schmitt, Andreas Schmitt, Georg Schmitt
Christage 1825 Communicants Marian Smith, Henrietta Smith
14 May 1826 Communicants Johan Schmitt, Elizabet Schmitt, A. M. Schmitt, Maria Schmitt
Charfreytag 1826 Confirmations Ezra Smith, Emanuel Smith
Osterfest 1826 Communicants Marian Smith, Henrietta Smith, Sophia Smith
Pfingst-fest 1826 Communicants Marian Smith
Christfest 1826 Communicants Mary Smith, Henrietta Smith
Charfreytag 1827 Confirmations Tracy Smith, Catharine Smith
Eastersunday 1827 Communicants Julian Schmidt, Elizabeth Smith, Mary Ann Smith


Surname Name Father Mother Date Comments
Schmidt Catharina Balthasar Schmidt Catharina 26-Jun-1796 Born 30-Mar-1796
Schmidt David Johannes Schmidt Catharina 15-Mar-1801 Born 18-Feb-1801; Wit: Niclas Freidinger, Catharina
Gardie Marian John Gardie Catharine 12-Jul-1818 Cath. Schmidt was a witness
Curtier Jane Catherine Vincent Curtier Barbara 20-Jul-1819 Cath. Smith was a witness


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date
Miller Andreas Fauth Rachel 20-Jul-1780
Smith John Wolf Margaret 14-Jan-1787
Schmid Jacob Spielmann Maria 09-Oct-1787
Schmid Peter Hardt Elizabeth 22-Feb-1789
Schmidt Henry Grase Mary 21-May-1798
Schmidt Heinrich Zimmermann Mary 17-Jan-1802
Schmidt Peter Weber Catharina 11-Apr-1802
Schmid Georg Getzendonner Rebecca 21-Apr-1805
Schmid Christian Hannin Elizab. 27-Oct-1805
Smith Frederick Rennee Esther 27-Nov-1808
Boon Soloman Merryman Martha 08-Apr-1813
Smith Waren Thomas Mary 17-Feb-1820
Smith Jacob Horinu? Rebecca 04-Mar-1820
Boone James Smith Catharine 23-Apr-1826
Stub Samuel Smith Elizabeth 13-Mar-1828
Hoffman Ezra Smith Marian 10-Aug-1828
West John Hopkins Mary 31-Mar-1829
Smith George Baugher Lydia 26-Nov-1829
Smith Christian Bauman Margaret S. 26-Nov-1854
Boone Charles L. Wilhide Celia C. 12-Sep-1882


Surname Name Date Comments
Schmidt Catharina 15-Dec-1801 d/o Heinrich, age 4 mo.
Schmidten Catharina 11-Aug-1804 w/o Jacob Schmidt, age 80
Schmidt Cath. Anna 20-Nov-1868 w/o Jacob, age 49-1-17
Smith Catharine (Mrs.) 20-Jan-1876 (date buried) age 78-3-8
Smith Catharine 12-Jun-1876 age 19-2-

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