Prerogative Court of Canterbury Administrations

Prob 6/25 Folio 165

The following is an administration record from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. It concerns a William Hopkins of St. George's Parish, Southwark, Surrey, England, who was fairly recently deceased in 1650. Thomas Glover, a creditor of William's, was given a letter of administration to settle William's estate. An inventory was supposed to be filed with the court by the feast of St. Blaise, but the Public Record Office says that few inventories from that period survive.

I don't yet know whether this William was connected in any way with William Hopkins, Quaker, of St. George's Parish, my ancestor, but it seems quite possible. I'm doing further research to try to find out whether a connection exists.

W[illielm]us Hopkins Nono die Em[anavi]t com[missio] Thome Glover uni Credit[orium] Blasii
W[illiel]mi Hopkins nup[er] p[ar]o[ch]ie S[anc]ti Georgii South Inv[entarium]
warke def[unc]ti ad ad[mini]stranda bona iur[a] et credit[a] keep[er]s
d[i]c[t]i def[unc]ti de bene etc iur[ato]

William Hopkins On the ninth day [of a month and year specified in an earlier entry] issued forth a commission to Thomas Glover, one of the creditors of William Hopkins, late of the parish of Saint George Southwark deceased, to administer the goods, rights and credits of the said deceased, he being sworn well etc [to administer the same]. [Account to be submitted by the feast of St] Blaise Inventory. Keepers.

[Note from translator: It is not clear to what the last word, 'Keepers', refers.}

This is an image of the part of the document which concerns William Hopkins. Note that it's written in Latin abbreviations. I tried to translate it myself, but gave up and paid an expert to do it. His translation was vastly different, and better, than mine.

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