Barclay Hopkins Family Births

The following is the record of the births in the Barclay Hopkins family, as taken from their family Bible births page (shown in miniature below). I've scanned this page and included it as a large (91k bytes) image that can be viewed or downloaded.

Births Page



Barclay B. Hopkins (Son of Wm. & Nancy
Hopkins) Apr. 10th, 1839 in Warren Co O.
Mary Ann (Daughter of Joseph & Susan Dailey)
Apr. 21st, 1841 in Franklin Co Ind.


Edward Alva Oct. 11th 1863 in Jay Co Ind.
Minerva Alice Feb. 9th 1867 in Wayne Co Ind.
Joseph William Apr. 22nd 1869 in Jay Co Ind.
Arthur Howard Sept. 18th 1871 in Jay Co Ind.
Samuel Luther Aug. 2nd 1874 in Jay Co Ind.
Mary Emma Feb. 25th 1877 in Jay Co Ind.
James Dailey Aug 1st 1879 in Jay Co Ind.
Charles L. Hopkins, Sept 13th 1884 Jay Co, Indiana

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