Emma Caroline Hopkins

Emma Caroline Hopkins was the youngest of William Griffith Hopkins' children. She was born on 17 March 1866 in Jay County, Indiana, just a little less than three years before her father's death.

She probably moved with her mother to Illinois between 1880 and 1889. Her brother William had moved to Henry County about the same time. She was married on 28 December 1889 to John Davis Jones in nearby Mercer County, Illinois. Her mother had died the previous year, and was buried in Mercer County.

Emma and John had four children, Helen, Beulah, Philip, and Lestie.

She died some time after 1930, when her sister Mary Ann died. I've found no record of her death. Her husband died on 22 January 1939 in River Forest, Illinois.

I've prepared a register report showing the details I've been able to find for this family.

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