The Family of Haddon Hopkins

1. Haddon Hopkins was born on 14 Jan 1715 in St. Georges Parish, Southwark, Surrey, England. His occupation was given as brewer and victuler. He died on 21 Nov 1757 in St. Saviour's Parish, Southwark, Surrey. The cause of death was Consumption. He was buried on 25 Nov 1757 in Friends Burying Ground, Long Lane.

Haddon married (1) Judith Swainson (widow) about 16 Sep 1740. Judith died before 24 May 1746.

Note: There was a marriage on 5 Dec 1734 between John Swainson and Judith Goddard at St. Mary Magdalen church, Bermondsey. A John Swainson was buried on 6 Feb 1740 in St. George the Martyr parish, Southwark. This Judith might be the one who was the widow Haddon married in 1742. John and Judith had two children, Joseph and Sarah, both of whom were buried on 6 Sep 1741.

Haddon married (2) Ann Arnold on 24 May 1746 in London, England. Ann died before 22 Aug 1752.

Haddon married (3) Mary Hoare on 22 Aug 1752 in London, England.

He and Mary had the following children:

2 F i. Ann Hopkins was born before 14 Sep 1757. She died after 11 Sep 1759.

3 M ii. Benjamin Hopkins was born on 12 Feb 1757 in St. Saviour's Parish, Southwark, Surrey. He died on 14 Aug 1758 in St. Mary's Parish, Lambeth, Surrey. He was buried on 16 Aug 1758 in Southwark, Surrey, England.

Note: There is an earlier marriage record for a Haddon Hopkins, who married Elizabeth Francis on 23 Aug 1733 at Fleet Prison, London. My Haddon would have been only 18 then, so it's not likely that this was him, but the name Haddon Hopkins was uncommon, so it's a possibility.

Beginning of Haddon Hopkins' Will

Abstract of Haddon Hopkins' Will

Date Written: 14 Sep 1757
Date Proved: 23 Nov 1757
Reference: PROB11/833, Surrey, Herring, quire 329, p. 383-385.
Location: Saint Saviour parish, Southwark, Surrey
Occupation: Victualler
Mother: Sarah Hopkins
Wife: Mary
Bequests to:
   mother, Sarah Hopkins, 5 rental houses
   son, Benjamin Hopkins, 2 rental houses plus £200
   daughter, Ann Hopkins, 1 rental house plus £200
   sister, Sarah Simpson,£50
   nephews, Joseph and Thomas Etherington (sons of Joseph and Elizabeth), £150
   niece: Sarah Etherington, £150
   wife, Mary Hopkins, £200 and residue of estate
Executors: wife, Mary Hopkins and friend John Blythe
Witnesses: Wm. Hippinsley, Joshua Potts, Robt. Townson
Note: Haddon owned or leased several properties at the time of his death.

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