The Families of James and Mary Cross Healey
Benjamin and Sarah Haddon Hopkins

There are strong indications that these two women, Mary Cross Healey and Sarah Haddon Hopkins, were at least good friends, and possibly relatives. Consider that:

The following is a list of their childrens’ known birth records:

James and Mary Healey Children Benjamin and Sarah Hopkins Children
Surname Name Date Surname Name Date
Healey Richard 3d 6m 1702
Haley James 27d 5m 1703
Healey Mary 3d 5m 1704
Healey Richard 3d 6m 1703
Healey Dorcase 6d 5m 1705
Healey James 12d 5m 1706
Healey Richard 13d 12m 1707 Hopkins Elizabeth 1d 10m 1707
Healey Mary 23d 12m 1708 Hopkins Mary 3d 1m 1708/9
Healey Sarah 1d 12m 1709 Hopkins Sarah 14d 5m 1710
Healey Paul 4d 7m 1711 Hopkins unnamed 5d 7m 1711
Healey Joshua 19d 8m 1712 Hopkins Elizabeth 4d 7m 1712
Healey Benjamin 7d 8m 1714 Hopkins Haddon 18d 10m 1713
Healey Joseph 7d 8m 1714 Hopkins Haddon 14d 11m 1714
Healey Sarah 29d 1m 1716 Hopkins Benjamin 8d 5m 1716
Healey Dorcas 15d 2m 1717
Healey Jacob 15d 6m 1718 Hopkins Ebenezer 20d 4m 1718
Healey Dorcas 19d 10m 1719 Hopkins Hannah 22d 6m 1719
Healey Richard 28d 1m 1721 Hopkins Benjamin 28d 5m 1721
Healey Hannah 9d 8m 1722 Hopkins John 28d 5m 1721

Connections Among the Cross, Healey, Hopkins, Robins and Stuchbury Families

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