Marriotts & Other Families

in Harpole, Northamptonshire

Harpole Baptisms, Marriages, Burials 1538-1654
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In tracing back my Haddon line, I wanted to find more information about Matthew Haddon's wife Phillipia. Matthew Haddon married Phillipia Marriott in Harpole, Northamptonshire on October 30, 1651. I ordered the microfiche of the parish register for that time period to try to find her baptism date and the names of her parents. Unfortunately, I found neither, but did find a lot of Marriotts. Below are the ones I found, along with some other names of interest.

Two of the surnames that occurred were Ashby and Mutton. The Ashby family was widely distributed in Northamptonshire. Thomas Mutton married Jane Marriote on September 21, 1636. They had several children, which are in the baptism and burial records below. There was also a Willm. Hopkyns and a Mary Hopkins among the marriages, but no Hopkinses in the baptismal or burial records.


Surname Name Date Father Mother
Lekyns John John Lekyns
Mariate Dorothie Willm. Mariate Elizabeth
Mariat Richard 20-Jan-1539 Willm. Mariat Alice
Mariat Erasmus 13-Sep-1539 Nicholas Mariat Elizabeth
Mariat Barbara 19-Dec-1539 Antonye Mariat
Mariat Marke 27-Sep-1540 Willm. Mariat Alice
Mariat Valentinge 06-Oct-1541 Willm. Mariat Alice
Mariat Willm. 02-Aug-1542 Antonie Mariat Alice
Mariat Humphrye 27-Oct-1542 Nicholas Mariat Elizabeth
Maryott Lnr. 19-Nov-1543 Willm. Maryott Alice
Maryott Elizabeth 17-Feb-1544 Nicholas Maryott Elizabeth
Mariat Vincent 11-Aug-1547 Nicholas Mariat Elizabeth
Mariat Willm. 20-Nov-1548 Willm. Mariat
Mariat Vincent 04-Sep-1549 Nicholas Mariat Elizabeth
Mariate Richard 06-Sep-1550 Nycholas Mariate
Maryott Nicholas 21-Feb-1552 Nicholas Maryott
Maryott Nicholas 13-Apr-1552 Nicholas Maryott Elizabeth
Maryott Dorothe 08-Apr-1554 Nicholis Maryott
Maryott Anne 22-Feb-1557 Nicholas Maryott
Maryott Willm. 05-Feb-1560 Nicholas Maryott
Maryott Brygett 17-Oct-1561 Nicholas Maryott
Maryott Jane 13-Feb-1566 Nicholas Maryott
Maryott Elizabeth 15-Jan-1568 Gregory Maryott
Maryott John 23-Mar-1569 Erasmus Maryott
Mutton James 02-Sep-1569 Wm. Mutton
Maryott Dorothy 11-Jan-1570
Maryott Anne 01-May-1570 Erasmus Maryott
Maryott Anne 12-Mar-1572
Maryott Erasmus 11-May-1573
Maryott Susan 21-Feb-1575 Erasmus Maryott Dorothy
Maryott William 13-Jan-1576 Gregory Maryott Dorothe
Mutton John 20-Feb-1577 John Mutton Syrylus
Maryott Nicholas 13-Mar-1577 Erasmus Maryott Mary
Mutton ffrancys 15-Jan-1579 John Mutton Syrylys
Maryott Thomas 25-Dec-1580 Humphry Maryott Audrey
Maryott Thomas 15-Jan-1582 Erasmus Maryott Mary
Mutton Anne 14-Mar-1582 John Mutton Syrylys
Maryott Nicholas 15-Apr-1582 Humphrey Maryott Audrey
Maryott Jane 16-Sep-1582 Gregory Maryott Dorothy
Maryott Christopher 07-Apr-1584 Humphry Maryott Audrey
Maryott Audrey 26-May-1584 Nycholas Maryott Alice
Maryott Robert 21-Aug-1584 Erasmus Maryott Mary
Mutton Elizabeth 15-Oct-1584 John Mutton Syrylys
Maryott Nicholas 24-Feb-1586 Richard Maryott Amy
Maryott Wasrtt? 10-Mar-1586 Gregory Maryott
Maryott Gregory 09-Aug-1586 Humphry Maryott Audry
Mutton Sara 05-Jan-1587 John Mutton Syrylys
Maryott Dorothy 27-Mar-1588 Gregory Maryott Dorothy
Maryott ffrancis 05-Sep-1588 Nicholas Maryott Margarett
Maryott Elizabeth 18-Jul-1589 Humphry Maryott Audrey
Maryott Prysylla 12-Mar-1590 Nych. Maryott Alice
Maryott John 10-Feb-1591 Gregory Maryott Dorothy
Maryott Brygett 28-Feb-1592 Humphry Maryott Audrey
Maryott Alyce 18-Mar-1593 Wm. Maryott Marghe.
Maryott Nicholas 07-Aug-1599 Wm. Maryott Margaryt
Mutton Sara 02-Aug-1600 John Mutton Joan
Mutton Alice 03-Oct-1602 John Mutton Joan
Maryott Richd.? 02-Apr-1606 Richard Maryott Alyce
Maryott Dorothy 13-May-1606 Willm. Maryott Dorothy
Marryott Elizabeth 15-Jan-1607 Nicholas Marryott Bridgett
Ashby Rlizabeth 08-Jul-1607 Richard Ashby Jane
Mutton Dorothy 18-Jul-1607 John Mutton Joan
Maryott Thomas 12-Feb-1609 Wyllm. Maryott Dorothe
Maryott Richard 06-Sep-1609 Nicholas Maryott Brigett
Maryott Elizabeth 29-Sep-1609 Richard Maryott Alice
Mutton Thomas 01-Jan-1610 John Mutton Joan
Maryott Elizabeth 29-May-1611 Wyllyam Maryott Dorothe
Maryott Wyllyam 19-Mar-1612 Richard Maryott Alice
Maryott Dorothe 24-Oct-1612 Nicholas Maryott Brygett
Maryott Robt. 20-Jun-1613 Richard Maryott Alice
Maryott Annis 09-Oct-1613 Wm. Maryott Dorothe
Ashby Alice 15-Jan-1615 Roger Ashby Jane
Maryott Thomas 05-Aug-1615 Nicholas Maryott Brigett
Maryott John 28-Jan-1616 Richard Maryott Alyce
Maryott Wyllyam 10-Mar-1616 Wyllyam Maryott Dorothe
Maryott Jane 04-Mar-1618 Nicholas Maryott Brygett
Maryott Richard 15-Mar-1618 Richard Maryott Alice
Maryott Nicholas 30-Aug-1618 Nicholas Maryott Agnes
Maryott Alyce 19-Sep-1619 Richard Maryott Alyce
Maryott Alyce 25-Jun-1620 Nicholas Maryott Brygett
Maryott Thomas 22-Oct-1620 Edward Maryott Elizabeth
Maryott Mary 22-Apr-1621 Nicholas Maryott Agnis
Maryott Mary 13-Apr-1622 Richard Maryott Alyce
Maryott Sarah 09-Mar-1623 Nicholas Maryott Brygett
Maryott Alyce 22-Dec-1623 Nicholas Maryott Agnis
Marriot Samuell 31-Jul-1625 Richard Marriot Alice
Marritt Nicholas 27-Nov-1625 Edward Marritt Elizabeth
Maraiote Amy 08-Jul-1627 Nicholas Maraiote Bridget
Marritt Thomas 04-May-1628 Nicholas Marritt Agnis
Marriott Elizabeth 15-Sep-1630 Nicholas Marriott Joyce
Marriot Clement 02-Oct-1631 Nicholas Marriot Agnis
Marritt Deborah 15-Jan-1632 Nicholas Marritt Joyce
Mutton Mary 23-Dec-1638 Thomas Mutton Jane
Mutton Thomas 10-Jun-1641 Thomas Mutton Jane
Marriote Richard 28-Mar-1642 Thos. Marriote Amy
Mutton Sarah 12-Jan-1644 Thomas Mutton Jane
Marriot Thomas 12-Jun-1644 Thomas Marriot Anne
Mutton Elizabeth 13-Apr-1646 Tho. Mutton Jane
Marriott Edward 30-Apr-1646 Thomas Marriott Anne
Marriot Edward 20-Jul-1647 Tho. Marriot Amy
Mutton Jane 15-Dec-1648 Thomas Mutton Jane
Marriot Sarah 07-Dec-1652 Nichol. junior Rebeccah


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date
Maryott Erasmus Knytton Mary
Mariot Anthonie Butler Alce. 10-Nov-1538
Breed William Mariate Eme. 25-Jan-1549
Mariat Nycholas Lyne Agnes 27-Oct-1549
Willkins Edward Maryott Susan 14-Apr-1554
Hopkyns Willm. Gregory Prudence 15-Jul-1558
Pallady Sampson Maryott Audrey 28-Oct-1569
Holliwell Richard Hopkins Mary 17-Jan-1571
Maryott Richard Harris Amy 26-Oct-1581
Maryott Nicholas Smyth Alyce 26-Jan-1583
Maryott Nicholas Breed Margarett 17-Jun-1587
Langford Thomas Mariott Ann 30-Oct-1590
Hylliar Willm. Maryott Alice 05-Nov-1600
Smyth William Mutton Anne 23-Nov-1600
Coxe Richard Maryott Susan 28-Feb-1603
Tymmes Richard Ashby Alice 18-Apr-1605
Maryott Nicholas Harris Bridgett 14-Sep-1605
Marryott Richard Cory Alice 17-Jan-1606
Maryott John Tolton? Ame? 12-Jun-1609
Cannot? William Maryott Agnes 07-May-1614
Osburne ffrancis Maryott Elizabeth 09-Jul-1614
Ashby John Harris Margarett 08-Aug-1631
Harris Robert Porter Elizabeth 08-Aug-1631
Mutton Thomas Marriote Jane 21-Sep-1636
Haddon Matthew Marriott Phillip. 30-Oct-1651
Marritt Thomas Cory Dorothy 23-Jun-1653


Surname Name Date Comments
Mariat Marke 06-Oct-1540
Mariate Valentyne 03-Apr-1546
Mariat Margeret 22-Nov-1546
Mariat John 25-Apr-1548
Mariat Rychard 20-May-1548
Mariat Vynsent 11-Sep-1549
Maryott Thomas 13-Feb-1567
Maryott Nicholas 29-Jun-1567
Maryott John 26-May-1569
Maryott William 09-Nov-1580
Maryott Thomas 03-Jan-1581
Maryott Agnes 28-Jul-1581
Maryott Elizabeth 21-Jan-1582
Maryott Thomas 04-Jun-1584
Mutton Edward 01-Nov-1584
Maryott Jane 12-Jun-1588
Maryott Dorothy 11-Mar-1591
Maryott Alyce 22-Mar-1593
Maryott ffrancis 12-Nov-1595
Mutton John 13-Jun-1597
Mutton Sara 13-Aug-1600
Mutton Alyce 15-Oct-1602 Daughter of John & Joan Mutton.
Maryott Alice 13-May-1605 Wife of Nicholas Maryott.
Maryott Erasmus 01-May-1606 Son of Richard Maryott
Maryott Nicholas 25-Nov-1606 Nicholas Maryott senr.
Maryott Elizabeth 24-Aug-1611 Daughter of Richard and Agnis Maryott.
Maryott Wyllyam 19-Mar-1612 Son of Richard and Alice Maryott.
Maryott Richard 20-Dec-1612 Son of Nicholas and Brygett Maryott.
Maryott Richard 24-Jun-1613 Notation in record unreadable.
Maryott Gregory 30-Apr-1616 Gregory Maryott, senr. age 88.
Maryott Erasmus 25-May-1616 Erasmus Maryott, senr.
Maryott Richard 24-Mar-1618 Son of Richard and Alice Maryott.
Maryott Mary 13-Aug-1619 Notation unreadable.
Maryott Humphrey 23-Dec-1621 Humphrey Maryott (senr?)
Maryott Alyce 18-Aug-1623 widow of Timothy Maryott
Maryott John 08-Feb-1624 son of Hy. Maryott senr (?)
Maryott Alyce 05-Jun-1624 Daughter of Richard and Alyce Maryott
Maryott Mary 27-Jun-1624 Daughter of (Chri?) Maryott
Maryott Audry 30-Aug-1624 widow of Humphry
Marrit Margery 27-Apr-1626 widow of William Marrit
Moarott Ellen 24-Oct-1626 widow of Henry aged 82
Marrott William 18-Nov-1628 William of Collingen?
Marriot Amy 08-May-1630 Daughter of Nicholas & Bridget Marriot
Marriote Amy 27-Dec-1635 Wife of Robt.? Marriote senior
Mutton Jone 13-Jan-1636 Wife of John dec'd
Muttons stillborn daughter 14-Sep-1637 Daughter of Tho. & Jane Muttons
Marriote Bridgett 16-Jan-1638 Wife of Nicholas Marriote imp.
Marriote Richard 03-Feb-1640 Richard Marriote Callnigh (or t?)90 years old
Marriott Robt. 01-Aug-1644 Robt. Marriott C ? new comden y Jerem (?)
Marriot Mary 31-Mar-1650 Daughter of Rich. senr.
Marritt Nicholas 05-Mar-1654 Nicholas Marritt medius aged about 72
Marryott Elizabeth 16-Feb-1667 Daughter of Nicholas Marryott

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