Marriott Family Data

From Northamptonshire Parish Records

Sources: FHL #6126893-4 Bugbrooke, #6127456-6 Farthingstone
& #6127637-8 Hardingstone


Surname Name Date Father Mother Parish
Mariat Ann 02-Feb-1542 John Farthingstone
Mariat Hanna 20-Aug-1548 Farthingstone
Maryat Edward 04-Oct-1566 John Maryat Hardingstone
Maryat John 29-Apr-1568 Hardingstone
Marriat Thomas 03-Dec-1570 John Marriat Hardingstone
Maryat Robert 20-Feb-1573 John Maryat Hardingstone
Maryat Elizabeth 05-Feb-1578 John Maryat Hardingstone
Maryat James 23-Oct-1580 John Maryat Hardingstone
Marriot Anthony 15-Aug-1581 Gerold? Bugbrooke
Marryatt John 21-Nov-1585 Willm. Marryatt Hardingstone
Marriat Edward 09-Dec-1590 Edward Marriat Hardingstone
Marriat Henrie 21-Dec-1593 Hardingstone
Marriatt James 29-Sep-1596 Edward Marriatt Hardingstone
Marriatt Jane 20-Apr-1600 Edward Marriatt Hardingstone
Marriatt Martha 22-Sep-1603 Edward Marriatt Hardingstone
Marriatt Marie 22-Sep-1603 Edward Marriatt Hardingstone
Marriatt Robert 03-May-1609 James Marriatt Hardingstone
Marriate Willm. 16-Jul-1620 Willm. Marriate Hardingstone
Marrit Thomas 26-Feb-1626 Thomas Marrit Bugbrooke
Marrot John 05-Jul-1626 Steven Marrot Hardingstone
Marritt Anne 02-Dec-1627 Thomas Marritt Bugbrooke
Marriott Winifred? (son) 12-Jul-1629 Stephen Marriott Hardingstone
Marriot Robert 23-Dec-1630 Stephen Marriot Hardingstone
Marrit Mary 22-May-1631 Robert Marrit Hardingstone
Marrit Richard 27-Mar-1632 Thomas Marrit Bugbrooke
Marriet Mary 27-Sep-1632 Thomas Marriet Bugbrooke
Marritt Elizabeth 26-Apr-1634 Hardingstone
Mariot John 10-Aug-1634 Stephen Mariot Hardingstone
Marritt Blanche 25-Jan-1635 Thomas Marritt Mary Bugbrooke
Marritt Paule 25-Jan-1635 Thomas Marritt Mary Bugbrooke
Marriott John 21-Mar-1636 Robert Marriott Hardingstone
Marritt Elizabeth 08-May-1642 Stephen Marritt Hardingstone
Marriott William 14-Dec-1645 William Marriott Hardingstone
Marriett William 11-Jan-1646 William Marriett Hardingstone
Marriott Mary 01-Nov-1654 William Marriott Hardingstone
Marritt Maren? 12-Nov-1654 William Marritt Hardingstone
Marriot Elizabeth 27-Jan-1656 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriott John 12-Aug-1660 Robert Marriott Hardingstone
Marriot Elizabeth 17-Oct-1669 John Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Sarah 14-Apr-1672 John Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot John 19-Dec-1675 John Marriot Hardingstone
Marrite John 14-Apr-1679 John Marrite Elizabeth Hardingstone
Marrits Thomas 09-May-1680 John Marrits Elizabeth Hardingstone
Marriots? Grace? 31-Jul-1681 John Marriots? Elizabeth Hardingstone
Marriot William 13-Feb-1682 John Marriot Hardingstone
Marrad Katharin 08-Jan-1683 William Marrad Elizabeth Hardingstone
Marriot Mary 15-Jul-1683 John Marriot Mary Hardingstone
Marriot Elizabeth 15-Jul-1683 John Marriot Elizabeth Hardingstone
Marrits Thomas 23-Jan-1688 John Marrits Hardingstone
Marriot William 24-Aug-1690 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Thomas 16-Dec-1694 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot John 19-May-1696 James Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot John 30-Nov-1697 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Mary 21-May-1700 James Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot An: 23-Nov-1703 James Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot John 08-Jul-1705 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Elizabeth 14-May-1706 James Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Sarah 03-Aug-1707 William Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot James 31-Jul-1710 James Marriot Hardingstone
Marriot Alice 17-May-1730 Willm. Alice Farthingstone
Marriott Elizabeth 05-Oct-1733 Willm. Alice Farthingstone
Marriott John 28-Mar-1773 John Ann Farthingstone
Marriott Benjamin 25-Dec-1778 Benjamin Anne Farthingstone


Groom Surname Groom Name Bride Surname Bride Name Date Parish
Marriatt John Burges Jane 03-Nov-1565 Hardingstone
Marriatt Anthonie Bowes Agnes 07-Dec-1583 Hardingstone
Marriatt Edward ? Elizabeth 03-Dec-1589 Hardingstone
Wilkins? Richard Marriatt Elizabeth 08-Nov-1600 Hardingstone
Marriatt William Pooll Isabell 06-Oct-1604 Hardingstone
Marriatt Robert Clarke Alice 14-Apr-1605 Hardingstone
Marriatt James Conguer Elizabeth 13-May-1607 Hardingstone
Mariatt William Woollston Margerie 18-Oct-1612 Hardingstone
Mearat ? Thomas Marriot Anna 21-Jan-1614 Bugbrooke
Mariatt Henry Harmon? Elizabeth 19-Apr-1615 Hardingstone
Ward John Marriat Bridget 09-Sep-1617 Bugbrooke
Marriot John Elliot Anne 25-Jul-1621 Bugbrooke
Mariot Steeven Taylor Judith 09-Jan-1623 Hardingstone
Roberts Richard Marriott Jane 06-May-1630 Hardingstone
Marriott Edward Moreton Sara 13-Oct-1632 Hardingstone
Martyn Richard Ashby Margarit 25-Jul-1645 Bugbrooke
Burkitt? William Marriott Mary 22-Jul-1668 Bugbrooke
Marriot Thomas Shaw Mary 25-Oct-1680 Bugbrooke
Granbrough ffrancis Marriot Rebeckah 09-Oct-1686 Hardingstone
Pain William Marriot Elizabeth 03-Jun-1693 Hardingstone
Marriot James Gauthorn Judith 09-Jun-1695 Hardingstone
Peake William Marriot Elizabeth 15-Jun-1697 Bugbrooke
??? Marriot Mary 21-Oct-1697 Bugbrooke
Yeomans Hugh Marriot Elizabeth 16-Apr-1705 Bugbrooke
Ruff John Marriot Mary 06-Nov-1716 Hardingstone
Harris William Marriot Ann 22-Nov-1724 Hardingstone
Marriot William Keen Alice 24-Jun-1729 Farthingstone


Surname Name Date Parish Comments
Mariat Elizabeth 23-Jun-1540 Farthingstone
Mariat Thomas 13-May-1542 Farthingstone
Marrotte Richard 26-Jun-1557 Bugbrooke Day not clear.
Marriatt Thomas 24-Dec-1558 Bugbrooke Archdeacon of Lincoln
Marriatt fflowenne? 04-Jul-1570 Hardingstone daughter of Richard Marriatt
Marryot Alice 25-Jan-1578 Bugbrooke
Marriate Nicholas 18-Apr-1588 Hardingstone
Marriatt Willm. 03-Jul-1608 Hardingstone
Marriatt Edward 18-Aug-1613 Hardingstone a sheopard
Mirrotte ? 17-Dec-1617 Bugbrooke Husband of Agnis Mirrotte
Marriatt Margret 25-Jun-1619 Hardingstone widowe
Marriot Mathew 13-Oct-1621 Hardingstone spinster
Mirrotte George 23-Jan-1624 Bugbrooke Husband of Phillix Mirrotte
Mirrotte John 01-Feb-1624 Bugbrooke Son of George and Philix Mirrotte
Marritt Agnes 24-May-1625 Bugbrooke Widdow of Upperheyford?
Marret John 07-Jul-1626 Hardingstone son of Stephen Marrett
Mirrotte Alice 30-Apr-1627 Bugbrooke Widdow
Marritt Anne 22-Sep-1627 Bugbrooke Daughter of Thomas Marritt - husbandman
Marriott John 10-Nov-1627 Hardingstone son of Stephen Marriott
Marriott John 24-Feb-1629 Hardingstone
Marriatt Humphry 28-Jul-1629 Hardingstone son of Stephen Marriatt
Marriat Joyse 18-Oct-1629 Hardingstone spinster
Marriott Robert 17-May-1631 Hardingstone
Marritt Blanch? 28-Jan-1635 Bugbrooke Daughter of Thomas Marritt - husbandman and ?
Marritt Lamb 08-Apr-1635 Bugbrooke Son of Thomas Marritt - husbandman
Marriott Thomas 28-Oct-1636 Hardingstone son of Thomas Marriott
Murrott William 20-Oct-1637 Farthingstone s/of William Murrott; Edward Tomason; Thomas Lily
Marriot --- 07-Jan-1642 Hardingstone widow of Robert Marriot
Marritt ? 14-Aug-1643 Bugbrooke Wife of Thomas Marritt
Marritt Thomas 19-Jul-1645 Bugbrooke
Marriott Alice (Infant) 05-Jun-1730 Farthingstone
Marriott Sarah 07-Dec-1777 Farthingstone
Marriott Benjamin (Infant) 03-Jan-1779 Farthingstone
Marriott Benjamin (Infant) 10-May-1788 Farthingstone Buried as a pauper.

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