The Alcock Family

The link between the Alcock family and the Hopkins family is William Alcock of Horninglow, Staffordshire. He was described by William Hopkins in his 1705 will, and in the letter he wrote to Alcock in 1699 about a potential apprentice, as his "loving cousin." In his letter, William mentioned "relations" and "loving Friends" in Staffordshire. From that, and his will, it seems that the Hopkins and Alcock families were related by both blood and religion.

It might be that William's wife Katherine was the one related to the Alcocks. In the marriage record of Thomas Allcock to Hannah Burtonwood on 19 Jun 1701, Katherine and her children Benjamin and Sarah are listed among the relations of the couple, while William was not. I have no information about who Katherine's parents were or where she was born.

For more detailed information about the Alcock family, please see the page about Southwark, and a page of Quaker records from there.

Following are records about the Alcocks in Staffordshire, Surrey, and other places that I've researched so far.

Christenings or Baptisms




I ordered a copy of the administration documents for William Alcock, above. The date of the inventory of his property was 11 Jun 1731, and signed by Tho: Ward and Sam: Seale. The estate was valued at £ 4:10 pence. Admin was granted on 22 Jul 1731 to brother Samuel Alcock by Gulielm Woodcock, Com.

The previous records are civil or Church of England records. I've been unable to find any Quaker records for William Alcock, or any other Alcocks, in Staffordshire. I'll continue to look for records about them as Quakers.

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