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This is a transcription of a letter from William Hopkins to William Alcock of Horninglow, Staffordshire, regarding a potential apprehentice, a son of Thomas Coulson. In it, he refers to Alcock as a loving cousin, and to "our relations & Friends" there.

London the 13th of March } 1698/9 }

Loving Cosen William Alcock this with my love with wife
& Childrens unto thee & thy Children Hoping these few
Lines may find you in good health as we are all indife
rent well thanks be to god for it I have recived thy
Letter & by that I understand thee hast heard of a boy
For a prentis for me I kindly acccept of thy Love for it
this may let the understad that I have no objection
against the parrist puting of him out if they will
Cloth him well & send him up as Quickly as they can
Conveniently: so having no more at present but my Love
to those our relations & Friends In the Countrey as
opetunity may serve I remain thy Loving Cozen

William Hopkins

Ap 6 99
Reced of Mr Brome thirty
Shillings in order to buy clothing
for the son of Tho: Coulson
To be made an Apprentice in

P Pg: Wakefeild

This For William
Alcock at his house in
horniglo near burton
upon Trent near in
Stafford Shire

with Card

receipt for 30 8 toward
clothing Coulson

Source: Staffordshire County Archives, D4219/6/728

Possible Hopkins Connections to Staffordshire

I had been going on the assumption that William was from Northamptonshire. But I had noticed previously that there were connections between William Hopkins and people from Staffordshire. This letter gave me more reason to think that he might have been born there, or nearby. Here are some of the connections.

There were a number of Hopkinses in towns near Horninglow during the late 1600s. There were three christening or baptism records for William Hopkinses that might have been my William:

There were others that were a little further from William's birth date of about 1634.

There are a few records of Hopkins marriages that fit the time frame in this part of Staffordshire.

I've also found these death records for Staffordshire Hopkinses.

And these will records:

I found this reference to Hopkinses in Staffordshire in the historical literature:

Royalist Composition Papers in Her Majesty's State Paper Office Second series vol 27 p 287 March 24 1646/7

These are to certifie all whom it may concerne that William Hopkins of Wednesbury in the county of Stafford at the surrender of Rushall upon the 22nd of May 1644 was there amongst other prisoners at wch time having for good reasons prevailed for my protection he went unto his house at Wednesbury [Oakeswell Hall] where hee lived ever since obedient to all orders and ordinances of Parliament as I have been credibly informed by a certificat given to him by Captain Robert Tuthill then Governor there Holdenby the 24th of March 1646 Signed B DENBIGH

Source: W. Parke, 1854: A History of Wednesbury, in the County of Stafford,
and Embracing an Account of the Coal and Iron Trade

There seems to have been a concentration of Hopkinses in Wednesbury and Tipton. In his 1684 will, Henry Hopkins left money to the poor in both towns. They're only about 3 miles apart.

I'm continuing to research this Staffordshire connection, and will update this page whenever I find new information.

The Alcock Family

There were a number of Alcocks in the records in Staffordshire. They seem to have been concentrated in the area close to Rolleston and Barton-Under-Needwood. I've collected what I could find about them in this page.

The Healey Family

Another of the Staffordshire families with links to the Hopkins family was the Healey family. As mentioned above, James Healey was apprenticed to William Hopkins on 6 Jul 1692. James and his wife Mary (Cross) were close to Benjamin and Sarah (Haddon) Hopkins. For more on that, please see this page.

I've found a number of records for the Healey family in Staffordshire. Please see the Healey Family page for more details, and a link to a register report for the family.

Here is a link to a pdf file containing a transcription of William's letter more as it appears in the original.

I've prepared a map showing the locations of interest in Staffordshire, and their relations to one another geographically. These towns are pretty close together, within 30 miles at most.

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