Haddon Hopkins

Haddon Hopkins was the third child of Ebenezer and Sarah (Lord) Hopkins, born in 1743. He married Hannah Stokes, daughter of Joshua and Amy (Hinchman) Stokes in 1766 in Gloucester County, New Jersey. He was 23 and she was 21. They were married by a Justice of the Peace, and Haddon was disowned by the Haddonfield Quaker Meeting for marrying a non-Quaker.

Haddon and Hannah had only one son, Hezekiah, before Haddon died two years later of typhus fever at the age of 25. Hezekiah waa about six months old then. About four years later, Hannah remarried to Abraham Inskeep. Hezekiah was about 4-5 years old then. Hezekiah was raised by Abraham and Hannah until he came of age. Hannah and Abraham had seven children.

Since he died so young, Haddon didn't leave much of a record behind him. He was involved in financial and land dealings, like his father, and was a tax assessor for the township.

..."Haddon Hopkins was a Township Tax Assessor"....

--from Haddon Township's Hopkins Plantation: The First Three Hundred Years
by Dennis G. Raible, 1990, p 17.

Haddon had been left land in his grandmother Elizabeth's 1761 will:

Item: I give, devise and bequeath unto my kinsman Haddon Hopkins (one of the children aforesaid) and to his heirs and assigns forever, my house and lot in Haddonfield next adjacent to Isaac Andrews, with all improvements whatsoever on said lot, and also my Plantation called Little Stebbing, purchased of Jonathan Bolton, & Lucy Hubbs, & Robert Montgomery; the quantity One Hundred and Fifty seven Acres more or less, with all improvements thereon; and also the half of Willis' Right of Proprietary (which my Dear Father John Haddon purchased of Thomas Willis) with the Provisions and Remainder of the same. Also, Three Hundred Pounds Money aforesaid towards building, at the age of Twenty-One Years, with the interest from the time of my decease towards building at Old Haddonfield.

--from the will of Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh in This is Haddonfield
by The Historical Society of Haddonfield, 1963, p 73.


Elizabeth Estaugh, by her will dated 30 November 1761, gave to Haddon Hopkins "...my Plantation called Little Stebbing, purchased of Jonathan Bolton, & Lucy Hubbs, & Robert Montgomery; the quantity of One Hundred and Fifty seven acres .... " This tract is clearly outlined and identified on a map "West Haddonfield Title Lines" 1 April 1895, by E. F. Trotman, West Jersey Title & Guaranty Co., Envelope 819; copy at The Historical Society of Haddonfield). It shows that the tract was conveyed by Hezekiah Hopkins to Joseph Tarropine by a deed recorded at Woodbury (H-214); also that a fifty acre section was acquired by Elizabeth Estaugh 1 September 1748 by a deed recorded at Trenton. (R-239) This essentially was the same plantation which the Stoy Family owned and operated for many years.

It was entirely within Haddon Township, extending a considerable distance on both sides of Crystal Lake and the tail race below the dam. It reached from Haddon Avenue to Saddlertown, and from the municipal boundary line to a point about 650 feet below Crystal Lake Avenue.

There is a small place in Essex County, England, called "Stebbing" which was in existence long before West Jersey was settled. It is of the same derivation as "Stubbins, (Lancashire County, England) both meaning "clearing or "cleared land. " (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Place Names, 4th Ed., Elbert Ekwall, pp. 440, 451) Stebbing, in England, is also listed in a Genealogical Gazetteer of England, Frank Smith, 1968, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore.

Source: http://www.westjerseyhistory.org/books/farr/hddnfldplcnmsfarr.htm


Here's a link to a register report for Haddon and Hannah Hopkins, and to one for Abraham and Hanna's family.

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