William Hopkins´ Marriage Certificate

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Marriage Certificate for William Hopkins the younger
from FHL #0583993, Upperside Monthly Meeting

Certificate Abstract

Groom Surname: Hopkins
Groom Name: William
Bride Surname: Belson
Bride Name: Sarah
Groom Occupation: Shopkeeper
Wedding Date: 12d 2m (Apr) 1698
Wedding Place: Chalfont St. Giles
Meeting: Upperside
Source: FHL 0583993 Upperside Monthly Meeting
Page: 170
Groom's Father: William Hopkins
Groom's Mother: Katherine
Groom's Residence:
Groom's Father's Residence: Southwark
Bride's Father: Edmund Belson
Bride's Mother: Sarah
Bride's Residence: Wooburn
Bride's Father's Residence: Haddenham
Relations: Katherine Hopkins, Abraham Hopkins, Benjamin Hopkins,
Sarah Hopkins, William Smith, Joseph Smith, Edmund
Belson, Sarah Belson, Edward Belson, Mary Belson,
Mary Hudson, Stephen Belson, Benjamin Gates, Mary
Witnesses: Samuel Waldaport?, Daniel Quare, Henry Gouldney,
? Berkett, Robert Cortie, Richard Richardson, ffrancis
Strenger, Daniel Roberts, Philip Thomson, Henry
Bonner?, Michael Biddles, Edward Pennington, Charles
Biride?, Tho: Effiro?, William Russel, Harriet
Pennington, Mary Brown, Eliz. Butterfortis?, Joan
Chilton, Elizabeth Smith, Sarah Spissow?, Sarah
Newman, Hannah Jennings, Hannah Aldridge, Esther?
Wishmore?, Martha Sampson, Martha Forser?, Eliz:
Stinins?, Mary Holyman, Eliz: Wightwick, Eliz:
Deils?, Eliz: Hameston
Comments: PRO Reference: RG 6/1338

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